Show Notes

Currently, our world is grounded in innovation which has created a workforce that is team- oriented. This has made collaboration a desired skill for employers to seek out in potential employees, which in turn makes it a critical skill for our students to develop for the future.

Today, Sara Hutchinson and I are joined with Lene Jensby Lange, an educational consultant from Denmark, to continue our conversation surrounding 21st-century skills by taking a close look at collaboration and how teachers can nurture collaboration in the classroom.

What to Listen for:

  • What impacts does the learning environment have on students and their development of 21stcentury skills?
  • What impact has COVID-19 had on educational learning environments?
  • Why is it critical for students to develop collaboration skills?
  • What is collaboration and what are some key elements of collaboration?
  • Why is it important for educators to provide students with authentic collaboration experiences?
  • What are some challenges that teachers may run into with collaboration this school year?
  • What can teachers do to continue to develop collaboration within themselves?

My hope is that this episode inspires you to examine your classroom collaboration approaches and devise new innovative, authentic collaboration experiences for your students.


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