Adoption Law and Policies

West Virginia Code

§18-2A-1. Definition; adoption groups; adoption schedule.

§18-2A-2. Request for samples and bids; deposit by bidder; selection, approval and publication of multiple list.

§18-2A-3. Disposition of and requests for samples.

§18-2A-4. Execution of contracts; bond.

§18-2A-5. Selection by county boards; school curriculum teams.

§18-2A-6. Retail prices; limitation on profit; violation; penalty.

§18-2A-7. Exchange privilege; use of supplementary items; state- approved depositories authorized.

§18-2A-8. Textbooks, instructional materials, or learning technologies must be approved and listed; when changes may be effected; rules.

§18-2A-9. Gifts and bribes to influence adoption of books, instructional materials or learning technologies a felony; penalty.

West Virginia Code – 2018 House Bill 3089 – new adoption procedure went into effect on July 1, 2019

§18-2A-10. Transition to system of instructional resources adoption at county board level.

WV State Board of Education Policy

Policy 2445.40 – Instructional Resources


West Virginia Ethics Commission

West Virginia Code 6B

West Virginia Governmental Ethics Act

General Information About the WV Ethics Commission

Overview of the West Virginia Ethics Act

Administrative Rules of the WV Ethics Commission

“The Ethics Act” Booklet (2009)

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