Unofficial TASC Scores

To secure your unofficial TASC scores, please login to your account created during registration at West Virginia Test Assessing Secondary Completion, If your scores are not posted ten (10) days after testing contact your local TASC Test Coordinator or TASC Examiner.

Transcript of Official TASC Scores or GED Scores

  • Official scores of your TASC results or GED results are kept by the West Virginia Department of Education High School Equivalency Records.
  • Your original diploma and transcript will be mailed to you at no charge.
  • Colleges, universities, and employers require a transcript of your official scores.
  • You may obtain an additional transcript, replacement diploma or verification by completing the online request at DiplomaSender – – Copyright © 2014 Lilac, LLC.

If you have requested a copy of your scores and it has been longer than 72 hours, please call (304) 558-6315.