Student Enrollment:

In-Person: 19,114*
Virtual: 119*
Total: 19,233*

Number of personnel:

Professional Staff: 1678*
Service Staff: 1017*

*Note: These numbers are based upon the list of personnel that were certified by county leaders on October 01, 2020.

Pandemic Funding

ESSERF1 Allocation*: $3,943,219.51

WVDE Competitive Grant Allocation: $285,987.99

ECEF Allocation: $289,950.00

ESSERF2 Allocation*: $15,181,513.33  

Summer SOLE Competitive Grant Program (ESSERF 2 Funds): $2,460,617.89

American Recovery Plan: $38,221,845.80

Total Awarded: $60,383,134.52

*Note: ESSERF1 and ESSERF2 refers to CARES funding for education.

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Enrollment Information (2020-2021)

School NameIn-personVirtualTotal Enrollment
Back Creek Valley Elementary School1490149
Bedington Elementary School1751176
Berkeley Heights Elementary School6696675
Bunker Hill Elementary4142416
Burke Street Elementary School2791280
Gerrardstown Elementary School2303233
Hedgesville Elementary School6202622
Inwood Primary School1620162
Marlowe Elementary School2651266
Opequon Elementary School4155420
Rosemont Elementary School3826388
Tuscarora Elementary School2873290
Valley View Elementary School3600360
Winchester Avenue Elementary School2900290
Tomahawk Intermediate School5936599
Potomack Intermediate School7963799
Mill Creek Intermediate School5071508
Eagle School Intermediate7083711
Orchard View Intermediate School5312533
Mountain Ridge Intermediate5693572
Spring Mills Primary4934497
Hedgesville Middle School7625767
Martinsburg North Middle School7039712
Martinsburg South Middle School7959804
Musselman Middle School6897696
Spring Mills Middle School8898897
Mountain Ridge Middle School6351636
Hedgesville High School125461260
Martinsburg High School1433121445
Musselman High School167131674
Spring Mills High School138571392
James Rumsey Technical Institute<100<10