Name: Emily Calandrelli

Occupation: TV Host

WV High School: Morgantown High School (2005)

Statement: Because I studied Math and Calculus throughout college, I can better understand the work my interview subjects do – I can ask better questions – I can be a better TV host!

Name: Frederick H. Kitchen

Occupation: Funeral Director, Embalmer and Business Owner

WV High School: Huntington East High School (1986)

Statement: As a business owner, we use math skills in working with calculations of margins for services and products that we in return offer and provide to the consumer. We also use math skills in our offices, for business transactions, filing insurance claims, management of employee payroll and benefits such as retirement plans, health insurances, etc. The office math skills are also used for accounts payable and account receivables, for working with our accountants in preparing city, county, state and federal payroll, sales, and use taxes, etc. As an embalmer, we work with embalming chemicals for proper use of formulas and measurements to ensure we are using the correct chemicals for the proper embalming procedure. Math is a necessity in our profession on many levels.

Name: Bob Thompson

Occupation: Musician

WV High School: John Adams H.S. New York, NY

Statement: Math is useful to me in all three basic elements of music. Melody, harmony and rhythm all require some degree of mathematical thinking. It is essential for working with time signatures and rhythm. Thinking mathematically helps me to see the relationships between notes of different time value. It also helps with understanding harmony and melody. Music theory is very organized and logical. Having a mathematical way of thinking helps me to understand the relationships that occur in harmony and melody. This is great for performing, as well as creating my own music.