Show Notes

Building foundational interactions with young children is not only crucial to their development but it is also vital for future success. Building these foundational interactions to support a child’s development is not only limited to parents and caregivers but successful development of these foundational interactions is also dependent upon the types of interactions that young children receive from child-care centers, preschool teachers, and any adult who interacts with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Today, fellow Early Literacy Specialist, Brandie Turner, joins us on the show to discuss why foundational interactions are so important to support child development. We talk about easy ways that we can foster these interactions during everyday routines.

What to Listen for:

  • What is “Vroom” and how do you access it?
  • What are the three science principles that Vroom utilizes to create their activities?
  • What are some ways a caregiver can develop a positive adult-child relationship?
  • Why are back and forth interactions important for young children to experience and how do these experiences impact their development?
  • Why is back and forth interaction with technology not as effective as back and forth interaction with an adult?
  • How can we help build a child’s executive functioning?

I hope you share this episode with the families in your life to help them realize that they do not have to be an educator to positively impact a child’s development.  Keep in mind that Vroom is a wonderful resource that can be used at home or on the go with children from birth to age five. Lastly, remember Brandie Turner’s advice, “Take a breath and love your child. If you show love to your child everything else will fall into place.”


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