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January-February-March 2021 Family Connections Newsletter April-May-June 2021 Family Connections Newsletter

Standards Booklets K-5

Kindergarten Standards Booklet Grade 1 Standards Booklet Grade 2 Standards Booklet Grade 3 Standards Booklet Grade 4 Standards Booklet Grade 5 Standards Booklet

Educator Chats through Teams

Grades Pre-K and Kindergarten July 28, 2020 Pre-K through Grade 5 Educator Chat June 23, 2020 Pre-K through Grade 5 Educator Chat featuring Brandie Turner June 02, 2020 Educator Chat May 26, 2020 Educator Chat Featuring Josh Grant and Mark Moore May 19, 2020 Pre-K – K Educator Chat, ...

Core Knowledge and Competencies

General Information Crosswalk With 2009 CompetenciesCrosswalk With Birth To Three CompetenciesFact SheetSimple Alignment Professional Development Complex AlignmentProfessional Development Planning ToolTraining Presentation Frequently Asked Questions Why were the changes/revisions necessary?  West Virginia’s Core Knowledge and Competencies for Early Childhood Professionals has been revised to reflect current research and ...

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