The West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) is the statutory body with the authority to approve educational personnel preparation programs leading to the licensure of educators to serve in the public schools of West Virginia. This approval requirement applies to new and continuing programs and to any institution seeking initial approval to offer educational personnel preparation programs. Effective November 10, 2014, the WVBE requires all institutions offering educational personnel preparation programs to attain Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accreditation in addition to WVBE approval. Additional and more detailed information regarding accreditation requirements may be found in WVBE Policy 5100.

In 2013 West Virginia Governor Earl Ray Tomblin directed that the state “establish actionable and measurable evidence of teacher preparation effectiveness with an emphasis on reading instruction.” In response, the West Virginia State Board of Education created the West Virginia Higher Education – High Quality Educator Stakeholder Committee (HE-HQESC) – composed of P-12 practitioners and leaders, representatives from the West Virginia Department of Education, members of the West Virginia Board of Education, representatives from theWest Virginia Department of Education—and charged it with creating a specific and immediate plan by which the Governor’s directive will be executed. As a result, the HQESC produced a White Paper to guide the implementation of such plan.

CAEP Accreditation

The WVBE has adopted a new state protocol with CAEP delineating the current process and expectations committed to a rigorous review of educator preparation programs.

CAEP Standards

CAEP Protocol

CAEP Accreditation Manual

CAEP Evidence Guide

Program Approval

All institutions offering educational personnel preparation programs must submit all professional education programs, for which CAEP has approved program standards and lead to educator licensure in the state, for review to a Specialized Professional Association (SPA). Those for which an SPA is not available must follow the Review with Feedback option. For a list of programs to be submitted for SPA review please visit CAEP’s Accreditation & Program Review website.