Show Notes

Today I am talking with State Early Literacy Specialist, Brittany Fike, about childhood trauma and the initial steps that educators can take to create trauma-informed classrooms

What to Listen for:

  • How is trauma defined?
  • According to research, what percent of children experience adverse childhood experiences?
  • Who is affected by childhood trauma?
  • How does trauma impact brain development?
  • How does trauma impact a student’s ability to learn?
  • What is does it mean to be trauma-informed?
  • According to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, what are the ten key elements of trauma-informed school systems?
  • What is one recommendation for becoming a trauma-informed educator?

My hope is that this episode ignites local conversations about the importance surrounding school readiness and helps to inspire the development of new supports and resources that communities, schools, and families can use in order to meet the needs of EVERY child from birth.


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