How were the standards created?

Responding to stakeholder concerns, in December 2015 the West Virginia Board of Education repealed West Virginia’s version of the Common Core State Standards. They then held a standards review—Academic Spotlight (2015)—to give teachers, parents, representatives from higher education, and business/community stakeholders the opportunity to address directly their concerns regarding West Virginia’s version of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Review Results

  • 251,000 comments received (ELA and Mathematics combined)
  • 84% of comments were from educators
  • 96% educator approval ratings for the ELA standards
  • 95% educator approval ratings for the mathematics standards
  • Suggested improvements desired in the areas of accessibility, clarity, and teacher autonomy

Educator Involvement

Supported by WVU and Marshall, teams of West Virginia teachers used the Academic Spotlight (2015) feedback to create a new set of English language arts and mathematics standards [West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards (WVCCR)]. Wanting easily understandable and accessible standards, educators developed a streamlined system of well-defined learning targets that clearly identify the skills and knowledge needed for success in each content area and at each grade level. This system also provides teachers with the flexibility to personalize instruction and meet the needs of each of their students.

Implementing WVCCRs

On July 1, 2016, the West Virginia Board of Education implemented WVCCR ELA and Mathematics standards—developed through the collaborative efforts of West Virginia teachers, parents, and business and community stakeholders—that address the learning needs of West Virginia’s students.

Why does West Virginia need College- and Career-Readiness Standards?

  • WVCCRs prepare students for today’s and tomorrow’s job market
  • WVCCRs develop real-world skills that are essential for success in today’s workforce
  • WVCCRs challenge our students to think critically, absorb information, draw conclusions, and communicate successfully—essential skills to succeed in today’s complicated world
  • 85% of the fastest growing job categories will require postsecondary training/education

History of educational standards in West Virginia

The West Virginia College- and Career- Readiness Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics were developed as a result of the 2015 Academic Spotlight standards review process. To read a synopsis of the Academic Spotlight visit the Spotlight Analysis document. For the full Academic Spotlight report, view the Standards Revision Process document.

To learn more about the standards review process, click on this Content Standards Revision Cycle.