Show Notes

Right now, our world is full of contrasting realities and those differences will be evident in classrooms across West Virginia this fall. In order to improve the way in which we do “school” and to counterbalance these vastly different realities, educators can begin building their knowledge base about the educational inequities that students face. Today, Brittany Fike and I have a conversation centered around culturally responsive education and what educators can do to address educational inequities.

What to Listen for:

  • What is culturally responsive education?
  • What groups of students are often educationally marginalized?
  • According to the latest research, what negative effect has remote learning had on students who are educationally marginalized?
  • In terms of reimaging school for students, where can educators begin?
  • Why is it important to consider reopening schools with one or more healing methodologies or practices in place?
  • According to the Guidance on Culturally Responsive Sustaining School Reopening Document, how should educators focus their time and attention on during the first weeks of instruction?
  • What are some ways that educators can help students socially and emotionally during those first weeks of school?
  • Why is self-care such a crucial first step for teachers in ensuring that they are being culturally responsive during the school re-entry process?

Culturally responsive education is a topic that is very complex. Our hope is that listeners will be cognizant of the many layers that make up culturally responsive education, even those that this episode did not address. We plan to go deeper into this topic in future episodes. For now, we task educators across the state to begin thinking about the students in their classrooms who come from completely different backgrounds and realities from themselves, and how they can continue building relationships and connections, and innovate new ways to support these students and their learning, not just academically, but socially and emotionally as well.


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