Working with the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, cases of COVID-19 will be monitored and updated during the school year.

Data reflects all COVID-19 cases reported directly to the school (at-home tests and laboratory). Cases may or may not have been in the school setting during their infectious period. Therefore, the data presented may not reflect actual transmission occurring in the school but the percentage of students and staff reported positive during a given timeframe to measure the total burden of COVID-19 on the school setting.

*No data reported by the school.

School Data for the week of March 24 – March 30, 2023

Posted March 31, 2023

DistrictSchoolPositive StaffPositive StudentsTotal CensusPercent Positivity
Barbour Belington Elementary **339
Barbour Belington Middle School **299
Barbour Junior Elementary **133
Barbour Kasson Elementary/Middle School **210
Barbour Philip Barbour High School Complex 007000.00%
Barbour Philippi Elementary School **452
Barbour Philippi Middle School **335
Berkeley Back Creek Valley Elementary School 002000.00%
Berkeley Bedington Elementary School 002510.00%
Berkeley Berkeley Heights Elementary School 007550.00%
Berkeley Bunker Hill Elementary 005040.00%
Berkeley Burke Street Elementary School 002450.00%
Berkeley Eagle School Intermediate 007390.00%
Berkeley Gerrardstown Elementary School 002580.00%
Berkeley Hedgesville Elementary School 007220.00%
Berkeley Hedgesville High School 0015350.00%
Berkeley Hedgesville Middle School 008130.00%
Berkeley Inwood Primary School 002100.00%
Berkeley Marlowe Elementary School 003380.00%
Berkeley Martinsburg High School 0016220.00%
Berkeley Martinsburg North Middle School007590.00%
Berkeley Martinsburg South Middle School 008410.00%
Berkeley Mill Creek Intermediate School 015710.18%
Berkeley Mountain Ridge Intermediate 006480.00%
Berkeley Mountain Ridge Middle School 006900.00%
Berkeley Musselman High School 0119100.05%
Berkeley Musselman Middle School 007670.00%
Berkeley Opequon Elementary School 005270.00%
Berkeley Orchard View Intermediate School 007620.00%
Berkeley Potomack Intermediate School 009280.00%
Berkeley Rosemont Elementary School 004540.00%
Berkeley Spring Mills High School 0016330.00%
Berkeley Sping Mills Middle009650.00%
Berkeley Spring Mills Primary005190.00%
Berkeley Tomahawk Intermediate School 006700.00%
Berkeley Tuscarora Elementary School 004730.00%
Berkeley Valley View Elementary School 004600.00%
Berkeley Winchester Avenue Elementary School 003320.00%
Boone Ashford-rumble Elementary 101480.68%
Boone Brookview Elementary 003950.00%
Boone Madison Elementary 003170.00%
Boone Madison Middle School 004890.00%
Boone Ramage Elementary 002320.00%
Boone Scott High School 005790.00%
Boone Sherman Elementary School 002950.00%
Boone Sherman High School 003820.00%
Boone Sherman Junior High School 002760.00%
Boone Van Elementary 001780.00%
Boone Van Junior/Senior High School 002040.00%
Boone Whitesville Elementary School 001250.00%
Braxton Braxton County High School 015590.18%
Braxton Braxton County Middle School 004190.00%
Braxton Burnsville Elementary School001210.00%
Braxton Davis Elementary School 001740.00%
Braxton Flatwoods Elementary School 001990.00%
Braxton Frametown Elementary School 001700.00%
Braxton Little Birch Elementary School 001010.00%
Braxton Sutton Elementary School 001830.00%
Brooke Brooke High School **1158
Brooke Brooke Intermediate School North **193
Brooke Brooke Intermediate School South **129
Brooke Brooke Middle School **774
Brooke Brooke Primary School North **288
Brooke Brooke Primary School South **260
Cabell Altizer Elementary School 002380.00%
Cabell Barboursville Middle School 007670.00%
Cabell Cabell County Career Technology Center00510.00%
Cabell Cabell Midland High School 0019290.00%
Cabell Central City Elementary School 004720.00%
Cabell Cox Landing Elementary School 002530.00%
Cabell Crossroads Academy 00970.00%
Cabell Culloden Elementary School 002460.00%
Cabell Davis Creek Elementary School **240
Cabell Explorer Academy 004650.00%
Cabell Guyandotte Elementary School 002540.00%
Cabell Highlawn Elementary School 003650.00%
Cabell Hite Saunders Elementary School 002250.00%
Cabell Huntington East Middle School 006720.00%
Cabell Huntington High School 0018950.00%
Cabell Huntington Middle School 007280.00%
Cabell Martha Elementary School 002370.00%
Cabell Meadows Elementary School 002890.00%
Cabell Milton Elementary School 006170.00%
Cabell Milton Middle School 006490.00%
Cabell Nichols Elementary School 002470.00%
Cabell Ona Elementary School 003020.00%
Cabell Salt Rock Elementary School 002550.00%
Cabell Southside Elementary 004710.00%
Cabell Spring Hill Elementary School 004440.00%
Cabell Village Of Barboursville Elementary Sch 006920.00%
Calhoun Arnoldsburg School **202
Calhoun Calhoun Middle/High School **591
Calhoun Cal-Gilmer Career Center**16
Calhoun Pleasant Hill School **216
Clay Big Otter Elementary School 002220.00%
Clay Clay County High School 005840.00%
Clay Clay Elementary School 003620.00%
Clay Clay Middle School **455
Clay H E White Elementary School **89
Clay Lizemore Elementary School 011230.81%
Doddridge Doddridge County Elementary School 001950.00%
Doddridge Doddridge County High School 003460.00%
Doddridge Doddridge County Middle School 003760.00%
Doddridge Doddridge County Preschool Center 003720.00%
Fayette Ansted Elementary002180.00%
Fayette Divide Elementary002440.00%
Fayette Fayette Institute Of Technology00350.00%
Fayette Fayetteville Pk-8006520.00%
Fayette Meadow Bridge Elementary002510.00%
Fayette Meadow Bridge High002110.00%
Fayette Midland Trail High006770.00%
Fayette New River Intermediate006480.00%
Fayette New River Primary007600.00%
Fayette Oak Hill High0012650.00%
Fayette Oak Hill Middle School007200.00%
Fayette Valley Pk-8005990.00%
Gilmer Gilmer County Elementary School **407
Gilmer Gilmer County High School **516
Grant Maysville Elementary School **202
Grant Petersburg Elementary School **711
Grant Petersburg High School **682
Grant Union Educational Complex **218
GreenbrierAlderson Elementary**246
GreenbrierCrichton Elementary**120
GreenbrierEastern Greenbrier Middle School**814
GreenbrierFrankford Elementary**250
GreenbrierGreenbrier East High School**1129
GreenbrierGreenbrier West High School**454
GreenbrierLewisburg Elementary**520
GreenbrierRainelle Elementary**251
GreenbrierRonceverte Elementary**459
GreenbrierRupert Elementary**206
GreenbrierSmoot Elementary**182
GreenbrierThe Achievement Center **29
GreenbrierWestern Greenbrier Middle School**302
GreenbrierWhite Sulphur Elementary**386
Hampshire Augusta Elementary School013520.28%
Hampshire Capon Bridge Elementary School003330.00%
Hampshire Capon Bridge Middle School002840.00%
Hampshire Hampshire Senior High School009190.00%
Hampshire Romney Elementary School005540.00%
Hampshire Romney Middle School114430.45%
Hampshire Slanesville Elementary School002150.00%
Hampshire Springfield-Green Spring Elementary Sch001090.00%
Hancock A. T. Allison Elementary School **335
Hancock New Manchester Elementary School **318
Hancock Oak Glen High School **544
Hancock Oak Glen Middle School **550
Hancock Weir High School **669
Hancock Weir Middle School **634
Hancock Weirton Elementary **910
Hardy East Hardy Early/Middle School **391
Hardy East Hardy High School **354
Hardy Moorefield Elementary School **469
Hardy Moorefield High School **552
Hardy Moorefield Intermediate School **345
Hardy Moorefield Middle School **382
Harrison Big Elm Elementary School**707
Harrison Bridgeport High School**895
Harrison Bridgeport Middle School**675
Harrison Evolution High School**58
Harrison Evolution Middle School **7
Harrison Johnson Elementary School**794
Harrison Liberty High School**560
Harrison Lincoln High School**629
Harrison Lincoln Middle School**508
Harrison Lost Creek Elementary School**159
Harrison Lumberport Elementary School**267
Harrison Mountaineer Middle School**430
Harrison North View Elementary School**322
Harrison Norwood Elementary School**328
Harrison Nutter Fort Intermediate School**495
Harrison Nutter Fort Primary School**653
Harrison Robert C Byrd High School**855
Harrison Salem Elementary**238
Harrison Simpson Elementary School**477
Harrison South Harrison High School**414
Harrison South Harrison Middle School**328
Harrison United High School **119
Harrison United Technical Center**34
Harrison Victory Elementary School**458
Harrison Washington Irving Middle School**616
Harrison West Milford Elementary School**429
Jackson Cottageville Elementary School002030.00%
Jackson Evans Elementary School001740.00%
Jackson Fairplain Elementary School002090.00%
Jackson Gilmore Elementary School001990.00%
Jackson Henry J Kaiser Elementary School003320.00%
Jackson Kenna Elementary School002830.00%
Jackson Ravenswood Grade School003000.00%
Jackson Ravenswood High School004860.00%
Jackson Ravenswood Middle School003720.00%
Jackson Ripley Elementary School006610.00%
Jackson Ripley High School009030.00%
Jackson Ripley Middle School006910.00%
Jefferson Blue Ridge Elementary School**470
Jefferson C. W. Shipley Elementary School**390
Jefferson Charles Town Middle School**715
Jefferson Driswood Elementary School**443
Jefferson Harpers Ferry Middle School**632
Jefferson Jefferson High School0115810.06%
Jefferson North Jefferson Elementary**271
Jefferson Page Jackson Elementary**411
Jefferson Ranson Elementary School012920.34%
Jefferson Shepherdstown Elementary School004010.00%
Jefferson Shepherdstown Middle School003800.00%
Jefferson South Jefferson Elementary School005070.00%
Jefferson T A Lowery Elementary School105990.17%
Jefferson Washington High School**1448
Jefferson Wildwood Middle School004860.00%
Jefferson Wright Denny Intermediate School003950.00%
Kanawha Alban Elementary School002800.00%
Kanawha Alum Creek Elementary School001810.00%
Kanawha Andrew Jackson Middle School005580.00%
Kanawha Andrews Heights Elementary School002920.00%
Kanawha Anne Bailey Elementary School002520.00%
Kanawha Belle Elementary School003200.00%
Kanawha Ben Franklin Career Center00490.00%
Kanawha Bridgeview Elementary School004710.00%
Kanawha Capital High School0011970.00%
Kanawha Carver Career Center00510.00%
Kanawha Cedar Grove Elementary School001930.00%
Kanawha Central Elementary School003640.00%
Kanawha Chamberlain Elementary School002370.00%
Kanawha Chandler Academy001790.00%
Kanawha Chesapeake Elementary School001380.00%
Kanawha Clendenin Elementary School003350.00%
Kanawha Cross Lanes Elementary School003450.00%
Kanawha Du Pont Middle School004650.00%
Kanawha Dunbar Intermediate Center002810.00%
Kanawha Dunbar Middle School003410.00%
Kanawha Dunbar Primary Center003350.00%
Kanawha East Bank Middle School002830.00%
Kanawha Edgewood Elementary004190.00%
Kanawha Elk Elementary Center005520.00%
Kanawha Elkview Middle School006630.00%
Kanawha Flinn Elementary School004880.00%
Kanawha George C. Weimer Elementary School001630.00%
Kanawha George Washington High School0012700.00%
Kanawha Grandview Elementary School001990.00%
Kanawha Hayes Middle School004750.00%
Kanawha Herbert Hoover High School008430.00%
Kanawha Holz Elementary School003070.00%
Kanawha Horace Mann Middle School004390.00%
Kanawha John Adams Middle School007620.00%
Kanawha Kanawha City Elementary School002750.00%
Kanawha Kenna Elementary School001860.00%
Kanawha Lakewood Elementary School003190.00%
Kanawha Malden Elementary School001740.00%
Kanawha Marmet Elementary School001320.00%
Kanawha Mary C. Snow West Side Elementary004050.00%
Kanawha Mary Ingles Elementary School001550.00%
Kanawha Mckinley Middle School003310.00%
Kanawha Midland Trail Elementary School001800.00%
Kanawha Montrose Elementary School002630.00%
Kanawha Nitro Elementary School004060.00%
Kanawha Nitro High School008860.00%
Kanawha Overbrook Elementary School003800.00%
Kanawha Piedmont Year-Round Education002980.00%
Kanawha Pinch Elementary School003530.00%
Kanawha Point Harmony Elementary School005370.00%
Kanawha Pratt Elementary School001830.00%
Kanawha Richmond Elementary School002510.00%
Kanawha Riverside High School0013120.00%
Kanawha Ruffner Elementary School013230.31%
Kanawha Ruthlawn Elementary School002540.00%
Kanawha Saint Albans High School0010670.00%
Kanawha Sharon Dawes Elementary School001610.00%
Kanawha Shoals Elementary School002380.00%
Kanawha Sissonville Elementary School002720.00%
Kanawha Sissonville High School006170.00%
Kanawha Sissonville Middle School005850.00%
Kanawha South Charleston High School0010240.00%
Kanawha South Charleston Middle School003840.00%
Kanawha Weberwood Elementary School002890.00%
Kanawha West Side Middle School004250.00%
Kanawha William J Raglin Center00480.00%
Lewis Jane Lew Elementary School**287
Lewis Leading Creek Elementary**163
Lewis Lewis County High School**837
Lewis Peterson-Central Elementary School**521
Lewis Roanoke Elementary School**188
Lewis Robert L. Bland Middle School**739
Lincoln Duval Pk-8**399
Lincoln Guyan Valley Middle**266
Lincoln Hamlin Pk-8**496
Lincoln Harts Pk-8**351
Lincoln Lincoln County High School**939
Lincoln Midway Elementary School**293
Lincoln Ranger Elementary**93
Lincoln West Hamlin Elementary**486
Logan Buffalo Elementary School002420.00%
Logan Chapmanville Intermediate School003420.00%
Logan Chapmanville Middle School005790.00%
Logan Chapmanville Primary School003270.00%
Logan Chapmanville Regional High School007880.00%
Logan Holden Central Elementary School001860.00%
Logan Hugh Dingess Elementary School001200.00%
Logan Justice Elementary School001320.00%
Logan Logan Elementary School002670.00%
Logan Logan Middle School006470.00%
Logan Logan Senior High School006390.00%
Logan Man Elementary School002540.00%
Logan Man Middle School004300.00%
Logan Man Senior High School003910.00%
Logan Omar Elementary001810.00%
Logan South Man Elementary School001530.00%
Logan Verdunville Elementary School001450.00%
Marion Barnes ALC00290.00%
Marion Barrackville Elementary/Middle School003860.00%
Marion Blackshere Elementary School003770.00%
Marion East Dale Elementary School013990.25%
Marion East Fairmont High School007650.00%
Marion East Fairmont Middle School007940.00%
Marion East Park Elementary School003800.00%
Marion Fairmont Senior High School008980.00%
Marion Fairview Elementary School001550.00%
Marion Fairview Middle School002020.00%
Marion Jayenne Elementary School103400.29%
Marion Mannington Middle School002840.00%
Marion Marion Co. Adult & Community Ed. Center0070.00%
Marion Marion County Technical Center00240.00%
Marion Monongah Elementary School003090.00%
Marion Monongah Middle School002370.00%
Marion North Marion High School008120.00%
Marion Pleasant Valley Elementary School001980.00%
Marion Rivesville Elementary/Middle School003750.00%
Marion Watson Elementary School114690.43%
Marion West Fairmont Middle School006960.00%
Marion White Hall Elementary School002320.00%
Marshall Cameron Elementary School002700.00%
Marshall Cameron High School**367
Marshall Center Mcmechen Elementary School002350.00%
Marshall Central Elementary School003260.00%
Marshall Gateway Achievement Center00570.00%
Marshall Glen Dale Elementary School**246
Marshall Hilltop Elementary School**429
Marshall John Marshall High School0111810.08%
Marshall Mcninch Primary School**405
Marshall Moundsville Middle School004730.00%
Marshall Sand Hill Elementary School00670.00%
Marshall Sherrard Middle School015040.20%
Marshall Washington Lands Elementary School003160.00%
Mason Ashton Elementary School003820.00%
Mason Beale Elementary School002650.00%
Mason Hannan Junior/Senior High School002650.00%
Mason Leon Elementary School001610.00%
Mason Mason County Career Center00210.00%
Mason New Haven Elementary School005100.00%
Mason Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School0012000.00%
Mason Pt. Pleasant Intermediate003410.00%
Mason Pt. Pleasant Primary003930.00%
Mason Roosevelt Elementary School002630.00%
Mason Wahama Junior/Senior High School004240.00%
McDowell Bradshaw Elementary School**307
McDowell Fall River Elementary School**157
McDowell Iaeger Elementary School**262
McDowell Kimball Elementary School**189
McDowell Mount View High School**621
McDowell River View High School**450
McDowell Sandy River Middle School002610.00%
McDowell Southside K-8**359
McDowell Welch Elementary School**253
Mercer Athens Elementary School**272
Mercer Bluefield High School**669
Mercer Bluefield Intermediate School**322
Mercer Bluefield Middle School**531
Mercer Bluefield Primary School**394
Mercer Bluewell Elementary School**198
Mercer Brushfork Elementary School**212
Mercer Glenwood School (K-8)**677
Mercer Lashmeet/Matoaka Elementary School**223
Mercer Melrose Elementary School**277
Mercer Mercer Elementary**332
Mercer Montcalm Elementary School**320
Mercer Montcalm High School**316
Mercer Mountain Valley Elementary School**355
Mercer Oakvale School**207
Mercer Pikeview High School**688
Mercer Pikeview Middle School**626
Mercer Princeton Middle School**577
Mercer Princeton Primary School**567
Mercer Princeton Senior High School**1068
Mercer Silver Springs Early Learning Center**401
Mercer Spanishburg**208
Mercer Straley Elementary School**178
Mercer Sun Valley Elementary School**129
Mineral Burlington Primary**126
Mineral Elk Garden School**96
Mineral Fort Ashby Primary School**248
Mineral Fountain Primary School**138
Mineral Frankfort High School**550
Mineral Frankfort Intermediate School**329
Mineral Frankfort Middle School**547
Mineral Keyser High School**746
Mineral Keyser Middle School**804
Mineral Keyser Primary School**659
Mineral Mineral County Technical Center**30
Mineral New Creek Primary School**135
Mineral Wiley Ford Primary School**240
Mingo Burch Pk8**531
Mingo Dingess Elementary School**158
Mingo Gilbert Pk8**479
Mingo Kermit Pre K8**348
Mingo Lenore Pk8 School**466
Mingo Matewan Pk8**481
Mingo Mingo Central Comprehensive High School**720
Mingo Tug Valley High School**453
Mingo Williamson Pk8**597
MonongaliaBrookhaven Elementary School**638
MonongaliaCheat Lake Elementary School**865
MonongaliaClay-Battelle High School**389
MonongaliaDaybrook Early Headstart**149
MonongaliaEastwood Elementary School**684
MonongaliaMason-Dixon Elementary**360
MonongaliaMorgantown High School**2020
MonongaliaMountaineer Middle School**694
MonongaliaMountainview Elementary School**803
MonongaliaMylan Park Elementary School**517
MonongaliaNorth Elementary School**676
MonongaliaRidgedale Elementary School**590
MonongaliaSkyview Elementary School**495
MonongaliaSouth Middle School**850
MonongaliaSuncrest Elementary School**640
MonongaliaSuncrest Middle School**556
MonongaliaUniversity High School**1491
MonongaliaWestwood Middle School**420
MonroeJames Monroe High School**515
MonroeMountain View Elementary & Middle School**551
MonroePeterstown Elementary School**437
MonroePeterstown Middle School**359
Morgan Berkeley Springs High School**685
Morgan Paw Paw Elementary School**105
Morgan Paw Paw High School**90
Morgan Pleasant View Elementary School**142
Morgan Warm Springs Intermediate School**398
Morgan Warm Springs Middle School**537
Morgan Widmyer Elementary**505
Nicholas Birch River Elementary School**95
Nicholas Cherry River Elementary School**186
Nicholas Gauley River Elementary School**378
Nicholas Glade Creek Elementary School**170
Nicholas Mt Lookout Elementary School**143
Nicholas Mt Nebo Elementary School**127
Nicholas Nicholas County High School**803
Nicholas Panther Creek Elementary School**280
Nicholas Richwood High School**375
Nicholas Richwood Middle School**257
Nicholas Summersville Elementary School**431
Nicholas Summersville Middle School**617
Nicholas Zela Elementary School**102
Ohio Bethlehem Elementary School001410.00%
Ohio Bridge Street Middle School**318
Ohio Elm Grove Elementary School003880.00%
Ohio Madison Elementary School103250.31%
Ohio Middle Creek Elementary School002690.00%
Ohio Ritchie Elementary School213410.88%
Ohio Steenrod Elementary School002780.00%
Ohio Triadelphia Middle School**440
Ohio Warwood School005890.00%
Ohio West Liberty Elementary School001420.00%
Ohio Wheeling Middle School002290.00%
Ohio Wheeling Park High School0016830.00%
Ohio Woodsdale Elementary School004890.00%
Pendleton Brandywine Elementary School001320.00%
Pendleton Franklin Elementary School003260.00%
Pendleton North Fork Elementary School001220.00%
Pendleton Pendleton County Middle/High School004500.00%
Pleasants Belmont Elementary School**270
Pleasants Pleasants County Middle School**336
Pleasants St. Marys Elementary School**271
Pleasants St. Marys High School**367
PocahontasGreen Bank Elementary-Middle School**264
PocahontasHillsboro Elementary School**98
PocahontasMarlinton Elementary School**236
PocahontasMarlinton Middle School**159
PocahontasPocahontas County High School**326
Preston Aurora School**193
Preston Bruceton School**684
Preston Central Preston Middle School**359
Preston Fellowsville Elementary**112
Preston Kingwood Elementary**403
Preston Preston High School**1299
Preston Rowlesburg School**55
Preston South Preston School**382
Preston Terra Alta/East Preston School**346
Preston West Preston School**718
Putnam Buffalo Elementary School**230
Putnam Buffalo High School**418
Putnam Confidence Elementary**125
Putnam Conner Street Elementary**399
Putnam Eastbrook Elementary School**272
Putnam George Washington Elementary School**241
Putnam George Washington Middle School**346
Putnam Hometown Elementary**67
Putnam Hurricane High School**1374
Putnam Hurricane Middle**940
Putnam Hurricane Town Elementary**334
Putnam Lakeside Elementary**202
Putnam Mountain View Elementary School**526
Putnam Poca Elementary**324
Putnam Poca High School**506
Putnam Poca Middle School**353
Putnam Rock Branch Elementary**242
Putnam Scott Teays Elementary**502
Putnam West Teays Elementary**561
Putnam Winfield Elementary**576
Putnam Winfield High School**880
Putnam Winfield Middle School**620
Raleigh Academy Of Careers And Technology**46
Raleigh Beckley Elementary**363
Raleigh Beckley-Stratton Middle School**742
Raleigh Bradley Elementary School**397
Raleigh Clear Fork District Elementary**117
Raleigh Coal City Elementary**422
Raleigh Cranberry-Prosperity Elementary**293
Raleigh Crescent Elementary**374
Raleigh Daniels Elementary**622
Raleigh Fairdale Elementary School**465
Raleigh Ghent Elementary**262
Raleigh Hollywood Elementary**282
Raleigh Independence High School**627
Raleigh Independence Middle School**536
Raleigh Liberty High School**566
Raleigh Mabscott Elementary**257
Raleigh Marsh Fork Elementary**195
Raleigh Maxwell Hill Elementary**242
Raleigh Park Middle School**447
Raleigh Ridgeview Elementary**479
Raleigh Shady Spring Elementary**468
Raleigh Shady Spring High**909
Raleigh Shady Spring Middle School**639
Raleigh Stanaford Elementary School**267
Raleigh Stratton Elementary**330
Raleigh Trap Hill Middle School**428
Raleigh Woodrow Wilson High School**1456
Randolph Beverly Elementary School**273
Randolph Coalton Elementary School**189
Randolph Elkins High School**857
Randolph Elkins Middle School**633
Randolph Elkins Third Ward Elementary School**352
Randolph George Ward Elementary School**374
Randolph Harman Elementary/High School**157
Randolph Jennings Randolph Elementary School**286
Randolph Midland Elementary School**212
Randolph North Elementary School**247
Randolph Pickens Elementary/High School**45
Randolph Randolph County Alternative Center**11
Randolph Randolph Technical Center**27
Randolph Tygarts Valley Middle/High School**474
Ritchie Creed Collins Elementary102460.41%
Ritchie Harrisville Elementary002530.00%
Ritchie Ritchie County High School004290.00%
Ritchie Ritchie County Middle003780.00%
Ritchie Smithville Elementary001100.00%
RoaneGeary Elementary/Middle School**266
RoaneRoane County High**596
RoaneSpencer Elementary School**514
RoaneSpencer Middle School**372
RoaneWalton Elementary/Middle School**277
Summers 6-12 Summers County Comprehensive Hs**823
Summers Hinton Area Elementary**356
Summers Jumping Branch Elementary School**118
Summers Talcott Elementary School**195
Taylor Anna Jarvis Elementary School**579
Taylor Flemington Elementary School**147
Taylor Grafton High School**695
Taylor Taylor County Middle School**760
Taylor West Taylor Elementary School**323
Tucker Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School202360.85%
Tucker Tucker County High School023360.60%
Tucker Tucker Valley Elementary Middle School115290.38%
Tyler Arthur I Boreman Elementary School**371
Tyler Sistersville Elementary School**347
Tyler Tyler Consolidated High School**429
Tyler Tyler Consolidated Middle School**295
Upshur B-U Middle School**879
Upshur Buckhannon Academy Elementary School**593
Upshur Buckhannon Upshur High School**1298
Upshur Fred W Eberle Tech Center**26
Upshur French Creek Elementary**264
Upshur Hodgesville Elementary**200
Upshur Rock Cave Elementary**157
Upshur Tennerton Elementary**369
Upshur Union Elementary School**299
Upshur Washington District Elementary**141
Wayne Buffalo Elementary School004570.00%
Wayne Buffalo Middle School002900.00%
Wayne Ceredo-Kenova Elementary007000.00%
Wayne Ceredo-Kenova Middle School002940.00%
Wayne Crum Pre K-8 School002720.00%
Wayne Dunlow Elementary School001010.00%
Wayne East Lynn Elementary School001550.00%
Wayne Fort Gay Pre K-8006170.00%
Wayne Genoa Elementary School00710.00%
Wayne Kellogg Elementary School003700.00%
Wayne Lavalette Elementary School002690.00%
Wayne Prichard Elementary School001750.00%
Wayne Spring Valley High School0010130.00%
Wayne Tolsia High School004220.00%
Wayne Vinson Middle School002230.00%
Wayne Wayne Elementary School005420.00%
Wayne Wayne High School006870.00%
Wayne Wayne Middle School004250.00%
Webster Glade Elementary School**426
Webster Hacker Valley Elementary School**71
Webster Webster County High School**596
Webster Webster Springs Elementary School**278
Wetzel Hundred High School021201.67%
Wetzel Long Drain School002080.00%
Wetzel Magnolia High School003950.00%
Wetzel New Martinsville School019180.11%
Wetzel Paden City Elementary School012320.43%
Wetzel Paden City High School011930.52%
Wetzel Short Line School**437
Wetzel Valley High School001700.00%
Wirt Wirt County Primary Center**397
Wirt Wirt County Middle School**340
Wirt Wirt County High School**338
Wood Blennerhassett Elementary School006000.00%
Wood Blennerhassett Middle School005640.00%
Wood Criss Elementary School002800.00%
Wood Edison Middle School006320.00%
Wood Emerson Elementary School014850.21%
Wood Fairplains Elementary School001980.00%
Wood Franklin Elementary Center003210.00%
Wood Gihon Elementary School003100.00%
Wood Greenmont Elementary School002630.00%
Wood Hamilton Middle School004890.00%
Wood Jackson Middle School005440.00%
Wood Jefferson Elementary Center006750.00%
Wood Kanawha Elementary School012970.34%
Wood Lubeck Elementary School004300.00%
Wood Madison Elementary School003320.00%
Wood Martin Elementary School002710.00%
Wood Mineral Wells Elementary School005620.00%
Wood Neale Elementary School014320.23%
Wood Parkersburg High School1118190.11%
Wood Parkersburg South High School0016050.00%
Wood Summit Success Center0080.00%
Wood Van Devender Middle School003580.00%
Wood Vienna Elementary School003160.00%
Wood Williamstown Elementary School006180.00%
Wood Williamstown High School017470.13%
Wyoming Baileysville Elementary & Middle School**348
Wyoming Berlin Mckinney Elementary School**408
Wyoming Glen Fork Elementary & Middle School**189
Wyoming Herndon Cons Elementary & Middle School**199
Wyoming Huff Cons Elementary & Middle School**293
Wyoming Mullens Elementary School**205
Wyoming Mullens Middle School**154
Wyoming Oceana Middle School**257
Wyoming Pineville Elementary School**377
Wyoming Pineville Middle School**297
Wyoming Road Branch Elementary & Middle School**191
Wyoming Westside High School**631
Wyoming Wyoming County East High School**514

For updated school closure information please see:

WVDE School Closings and Delays