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Dr. Jo Boaler

Professor of Mathematics Education at Stanford University and author of Mathematical Mindsets – Hosted by Braxton County Schools

Dr. Boaler will conduct a hands-on workshop designed to assist teacher trainers with understanding and promoting mathematical mindsets and incorporate rich mathematics experiences in the classroom. This is a continuation of the Summer 2019 workshop but new participants are welcome.

Follow-up Opportunities:

Discounted enrollment in Dr. Boaler’s online course, Mathematical Mindsets ($75 per person). The course introduces the latest in brain research, setting up class, visual mathematics, mistakes and challenge, productive group work and class discussions, and mathematical freedom. For optimal impact, teacher leaders who attend the workshop would serve as facilitators to cadres of teachers at the school or district level enrolled in the course.

Audience: Two mathematics teacher leaders in grade bands K – 5, 6 – 8, and 9 –12. Each county will be allotted 6 teacher leader participants.