The Office of Governor’s Economic Initiatives works to support partnerships and projects between our Simulated Workplace companies, businesses, state and local government agencies, and other community organizations. These collaborative community partnerships create opportunities for our students to gain authentic work experiences, enhance their leadership and technical skills, and make a long term economic impact in communities across our state.

West Virginia Department of Education’s Division of Technical Education and Governor’s Economic Initiatives challenged Simulated Workplace companies to participate in an innovative community impact project competition that will positively affect local economies. The Economic Projects Impacting Communities (EPIC) Competition magnifies the Simulated Workplace company’s collaborative and creative abilities into a showcase of technical skills through developing, designing and constructing an innovative community impact project for public, private, commercial, or residential use.

The EPIC Competition will be completed over the next two school years and will require partnering with local businesses and other community organizations. The goal of the competition is to enhance students’ technical skills and creativity while making an impact within their local community.

2018 EPIC Contest Winners

  • Calhoun-Gilmer Career Center
  • Hundred High School
  • Moorefield High School
  • Putnam Career & Technical Center
  • Roane-Jackson Technical Center



Simulated Workplace Computer Repair companies are being asked to use their knowledge to assist the Second Launch program in repairing used computers.  The project is so amazing, because it takes old government computers and makes them new again, and the best part is that the counties get to keep the repaired computers!  For more information, please watch the video below.

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Simulated Workplace companies are being asked to help our State Parks.  Our Parks are in need of a facelift, and our Simulated Workplace companies have the skills and creativity to lend a hand.  The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has received a grant to purchase materials, but are in need of skilled craftsmen to produce high-quality products.

Simulated Workplace company student leaders will work directly with local Park Superintendents to layout project plans and develop job contracts for both onsite work and work that can be completed within your Simulated Workplace company’s lab areas.

Partnership Opportunities

Simulated Workplace companies wanting to participate in the State Parks initiative can connect with local park superintendents directly to arrange meetings and layout project plans.

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Does the signage in your school need updated? Have Simulated Workplace students design and manufacture customized signs for your school! Fill out and submit the Simulated Workplace Signage Order Form to get customized signage in your school.