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Erin Bashaw
Erin BashawTeacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI)
Marion County

As a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI), Erin Bashaw said this was not a career she had planned to pursue, but it’s the one she loves.

“It wasn’t a field I planned to go into, but I was given an opportunity and it was the best decision of my life.  I quickly fell in love with the field and all the people in it.  I was very lucky to have some wonderful people to mentor me,” Bashaw said. “Judy Hurst and I worked together for many years and she taught me so much.  I was also fortunate to meet Trina Britcher (a newly retired TVI in Harrison County), who was always there for support.  I’ve made wonderful friends with the people at CVRP such as Becky Coakley and Paula Lang.  This occupation has a wonderful team of highly dedicated people that truly care about the kids and young adults that we work with and being a part of the vision family is an honor.”

Although she has several duties as a TVI, she said the most important one is to level the playing field for her students that have blindness or low vision.

“I am in close contact with the students and parents to make sure their needs are being met in the classroom. I research the ever-changing world of assistive technology. I work closely with people that know what new technology is being developed and how it may help my students be more successful in the classroom.  I want my students to know that they have someone in their corner willing to help them get what they need.”

Bashaw said special education is so important to the public school system, and educators are dedicated to give the best education to ALL students.

“We work tirelessly to give our students the opportunities to be as successful as they can be in and outside the classroom.  Special education is a community of individuals working together to better the lives of children,” Bashaw said. “We teach every student that walks in our lives.  We need your support to be able to provide these services.  I want the general public to know that school levies are important and passing school levies will provide us with the resources that we need to get materials to the students that need them.”

As a West Virginia native, Bashaw said Marion County is her home, and she feels fortunate to be working in a county she has loved her entire life.