Show Notes

Engaging students in a remote learning environment is a new challenge for many teachers. In this episode, fellow Early Literacy Specialist, Samantha Statler, joins me to discuss the importance of student engagement. We talk about how teachers can monitor and promote student engagement in non-traditional learning environments by adapting some familiar strategies that are used in face-to-face lessons.

What to Listen for:

  • What is student engagement?
  • How does engagement affect a student’s learning and achievement?
  • What are the three primary components of engagement?
  • How can educators monitor student engagement during times of remote or distance learning?
  • What are some strategies that educators can use in order to stay engaged with their students?
  • When planning remote or distance learning lessons, what educational practices should teachers consider using to support student engagement?

It has been a learning curve for everyone when it comes to teaching and learning in non-traditional settings. However, I hope that during this discussion you were able to make connections from the engagement practices that you use in a traditional classroom setting and how they can crossover into an alternative learning environment. From this episode, I hope that you have gained a deeper understanding of student engagement and different ways that you improve upon your current student engagement approaches, no matter the learning environment.


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