Show Notes

Our students enter our schools and classrooms with more on their shoulders and hearts than we realize. Supporting their mental health is a crucial step in helping them lift this weight, but it can seem like a daunting task for any educator. Collaborating with other staff within our buildings can be a great way to make supporting and developing positive mental health practices in our classrooms more manageable and intentional.

Sara Hutchinson and I sit down with school counselors, Allyson Kangisser and Jessica Watt, to discuss their roles, as well as how they collaborate with classroom educators within their schools to plan and implement intentional mental health practices that benefits all students.

What to Listen for:

  • When it comes to providing mental health supports in the classroom, how does the role of a school counselor differ from that of a classroom teacher?
  • What are some ways that teachers can collaborate with school counselors to support students?
  • What is social-emotional learning (SEL)?
  • How does SEL relate to mental health?
  • What are the five areas of SEL?
  • How can classroom educators build the five areas of SEL into their classrooms?
  • How can morning meetings support SEL in the classroom?
  • What initial steps can educators take to begin implementing morning meetings into their classrooms?

My hope is that this episode serves as a catalyst among classroom educators and school counselors to sit down to discuss their roles and how they can collaborate more efficiently and frequently to better meet the needs of their students. When all school staff work seamlessly together, we can ensure that all our students have access to the best mental health supports and resources available, which in turn will help our students have a brighter, more successful future.


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