Show Notes

Today, I sit down with Amber Nichols to discuss the remote teaching and learning journey that she has been on over the last month. Remote learning is something that most educators have limited knowledge and experience in navigating, but something almost all educators are learning to navigate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

What to Listen for:

  • What are some ways that teachers can engage their students virtually during school closures?
  • How can teachers work to establish routines with their students during school closures?
  • What are some ways that teachers can safely ensure that students have access to classwork even when they do not have a printer or computer at home?
  • How can teachers continue to build and maintain that sense of classroom community while providing instruction remotely?
  • How can teachers help students to continue to develop their social skills while instruction is provided remotely?
  • What are some challenges that teachers may face when it comes to reaching their students remotely?
  • How can teachers overcome these challenges?
  • How can teachers recapture that classroom magic that they are missing while teaching remotely?

My hope is that this episode encourages you to investigate new ways to provide quality instruction and inspires you to develop creative ways to connect with your students and their families.


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