Show Notes

Today, I sit down with Read Aloud West Virginia Executive Director, Dawn Miller, to discuss this outstanding organization and how reading aloud to West Virginia children is having a positive impact on literacy development.

What to Listen for:

  • How was Read Aloud West Virginia established?
  • What is Read Aloud West Virginia’s mission?
  • How are readers trained to engage students in interactive read-alouds?
  • What are some of the benefits of reading aloud to children?
  • How does Read Aloud West Virginia engage students during the summer months?
  • What additional support is Read Aloud West Virginia offering to families during the pandemic?

My hope is that this episode inspires you to take a closer look at the power of read-alouds and to reach out to Read Aloud West Virginia to see if there is a local chapter in your area that is available to help support your students and families.


Read Aloud West Virginia’s homepage –

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