Show Notes

A critical component to achieving educational equity is the concept of cultural responsiveness. However, culturally responsive teaching is easily left out of the educational equity conversation.  Because the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the challenges faced by marginalized students, addressing this inequity has become more urgent than ever before.  How can educators work toward becoming more culturally aware in order to provide all students with challenging and empowering learning experiences as we prepare to return to school in an ever-changing landscape?

Today, Brittany Fike and I sit down with John Lydon, Director of Academics at Polaris Charter Academy in Chicago, to continue our discussion on equity and culturally responsive education.

What to Listen for:

  • Why is engaging in self-reflection of your curriculum through a culturally responsive education lens important to ensuring that your classroom is supportive of your students in a cultural aspect?
  • How can educators prepare for the different realties their students faced during school closures?
  • What can teachers do to best support all students when planning for the start of school this Fall?
  • How can we ensure that our low-income students are offered the same opportunities as their middle-class peers?
  • Why is this a critical topic for us to be discussing?
  • How is this conversation relevant to early literacy?
  • What steps can educators take in order to deepen their knowledge of culturally responsive teaching and educational equity?

As you embark on a school year filled with many uncertainties, remember that one thing remains certain: children are relying on the educators in their lives to provide the best educational opportunities they can.  We hope you find comfort in this episode knowing that all of us are trying to learn and react to trying times, and that there are resources to help you reflect and improve on your journey toward educational equity.


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