Show Notes

Engaging parents and families and working to create strong partnerships is an important way for educators to enhance the overall well-being of the children in their classroom. During the recent unprecedented times we have experienced, the home-school connections and the strength of these partnerships may seem compromised. But what does the research say?

Today, Blake Turley and I sit down with Milagro Nores from the National Institute for Early Education Research to discuss family engagement. Join us as we talk about the research findings regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and early childhood education, along with the lessons that have been learned about the role of family engagement.

What to Listen for:

  • How did the exploratory study of the use of time diaries to understand young children’s experiences during the pandemic begin?
  • What are the implications for families based on the results from the exploratory study of time diaries?
  • Why are parent-teacher partnerships important in early childhood education?
  • How can educators foster parent-teacher partnerships?
  • What are some ways that parents can maximize engagement with their child at home?
  • How can the research obtained by the COVID-19 pandemic steer early childhood education moving forward?

My hope is that this episode empowers educators to continue building strong partnerships with families, and to establish ways to provide families with scaffolded trainings and models in order to creating engaging learning opportunities at home.


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