Show Notes

The Science of Reading is not a new idea, but it is currently trending in the literacy world today. What are some examples of how district leaders and educators can take the science from the Science of Reading research and apply it to their schools and classrooms?

Today, Maggie Luma and I sit down with fellow West Virginia Educator, Vanessa Harlow, to discuss some ways that Grant County Schools has been doing this over the past several years.

What to Listen for:

  • What literacy initiatives has Grant County implemented in the past five years that have attributed to the increase in 3rd grade reading scores?
  • How has Grant County Schools ensured that all educators have a deep knowledge of reading development?
  • What led Grant County Schools to focus heavily on foundational skills?
  • How has the Science of Reading and the five components of effective reading instruction influenced the professional learning that is continuing to take place in Grant County Schools?
  • How did having a deep understanding of literacy development help Grant County Schools make decisions about curriculum?
  • Why is it so critical for educators to have a deep understanding of the science behind reading development?

It is crucial that all educators, including district leaders, building administrators, and teacher assistants have a thorough understanding of the Science of Reading. The more knowledge that all educators have around literacy development, the more empowered our schools and classrooms will be to make informed literacy decisions grounded in the science. It is my hope that this episode inspires educators at all levels to not only have discussions around the Science of Reading, but to seek out professional learning opportunities in order to ensure that their students are receiving the best literacy instruction possible.


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