Student Enrollment:

In-Person: 5,205*
Virtual: 3,263*
Total: 8,468*

Number of personnel:

Professional Staff: 748*
Service Staff: 482*

*Note: These numbers are based upon the list of personnel that were certified by county leaders on October 01, 2020.

Pandemic Funding

ESSERF1 Allocation*: $1,064,065.69

WVDE Competitive Grant Allocation: $450,000.00

ECEF Allocation: $135,900.00 

ESSERF2 Allocation*: $3,998,586.64  

Summer SOLE Competitive Grant Program (ESSERF 2 Funds): $1,080,417.20

American Recovery Plan: $10,792,058.92

Total Awarded: $17,521,028.45

*Note: ESSERF1 and ESSERF2 refers to CARES funding for education.

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Enrollment Information (2020-2021)

School NameIn-personVirtualTotal Enrollment
Blue Ridge Elementary School247130377
North Jefferson Elementary15968227
Page Jackson Elementary207113320
Ranson Elementary School175138313
Shepherdstown Elementary School233129362
C. W. Shipley Elementary School220158378
South Jefferson Elementary School289149438
Wright Denny Intermediate School252126378
T A Lowery Elementary School335175510
Driswood Elementary School271126397
Charles Town Middle School363311674
Harpers Ferry Middle School378248626
Shepherdstown Middle School160166326
Wildwood Middle School274169443
Jefferson High School8874891376
Washington High School7555681323