West Virginia College- and Career- Readiness Standards

  • Mathematics content standards
  • State mandates for instruction

Support for West Virginia College- and Career- Readiness Standards​​

  • Allows students to work towards mastery of grade level and course content standards while working at individual ability levels
  • Identifies the pre-requisites and enabling skills for each standard

West Virginia Standards Frameworks for Mathematics

  • Content guide for teaching mathematics
  • Effective strategies for mathematics

West Virginia Educators’ Guide for Mathematics​​

  • Grade level specific strategies
  • Help for teaching content to the intent of the standards
  • Grade level specific connections to the Mathematics Habits of Mind

West Virginia Formative Assessment Toolkit

  • Guide to the formative assessment process
  • Strategies for assessment

West Virginia Alternate Academic Achievement Standards

  • Defines the alternate academic achievement standards grades K-12 for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities and provides rigorous and challenging standards to meet the requirements of Policy 2510.
  • A student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team determines whether the student has a significant cognitive disability requiring instruction on these standards.

Support for West Virginia Alternate Academic Achievement Standards

Coming Soon!

West Virginia TREE Resources for Transitional Mathematics for Seniors