Student Enrollment:

In-Person: 6,901
Virtual: 1,477
Total: 8,378

In-person model:

Grades K-8: 5-days
Grades 9-12: Blended

Number of personnel:

Professional Staff: 783*
Service Staff: 431*

*Note: These numbers are based upon the list of personnel that were certified by county leaders on October 01, 2020.

Pandemic Funding

ESSERF1 Allocation*: $3,232,246.00

Education Stabilization Funds for Career Centers: $105,541.00

WVDE Competitive Grant Allocation: $303,205.00

ECEF Allocation: $117,050.00

ESSERF2 Allocation*: $17,752,160.85

Total Awarded: $21,510,202.85

*Note: ESSERF1 and ESSERF2 refers to CARES funding for education.

Child Nutrition Federal Disbursements: $1,820,052.01

Extending Learning

Counties are submitting plans for summer and extended learning opportunities through April 2021. As plans are submitted, WVDE will publish the information here.

Enrollment Information

School NameIn-personVirtualTotal Enrollment
Athens Elementary School19343236
Bluewell Elementary School16134195
Brushfork Elementary School13823161
Mountain Valley Elementary School23669305
Glenwood School (k-8)486114600
Lashmeet/matoaka Elementary School16720187
Melrose Elementary School21342255
Mercer Elementary27250322
Montcalm Elementary School25531286
Oakvale School14022162
Straley Elementary School11019129
Sun Valley Elementary School821395
Silver Springs Early Learning Center23728265
Bluefield Intermediate School22554279
Princeton Primary School38099479
Bluefield Primary School19968267
Bluefield Middle School44586531
Pikeview Middle School46091551
Princeton Middle School43388521
Bluefield High School468104572
Montcalm High School25532287
Princeton Senior High School687206893
Pikeview High School503117620