The Middle Level Programming (Grades 6-8) focuses on academic, career, social, and emotional development. Students need support in developing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to navigate a socially complex environment and the creation of a vision for their future. The WVCCRDSSS support students in achieving school success, establish the foundation for high school, and become globally competent citizens. The standards will be delivered within the programmatic level in a sequence designed by the school leadership team.

Through a developmentally appropriate, integrated approach, middle school students will continue to engage in activities that promote positive social and communication skills. Students will refine their ability to determine and comprehend various points of view, solidify their understanding of constructive ways to resolve problems and conflicts, and strengthen their personal and scholastic self-confidence. Academically students will increase their capacity for both self-direction and for constructive collaborative work. Students will become familiar with various career options and how their education will prepare them for those careers. Students will also increase their exposure to various cultures and communities at the local, state, national, and international level.