Show Notes

Today, I am talking with State Early Literacy Specialist, Brandie Turner about chronic absence and debunking common educator misconceptions regarding students who are chronically absent.

What to Listen for:

  • What is chronic absence?
  • How does chronic absenteeism effect a student’s education?
  • What support/tools does the West Virginia Department of Education have available for districts and schools?
  • What can schools do in place of punitive measures to help students and parents that are affected by chronic absenteeism?
  • What are some ways educators can avoid the belief that parents and families of chronically absent students do not value education?
  • How can teachers counterbalance the external factors that effect a student’s ability/motivation to attend school?
  • What can teachers do to enhance their classroom or instruction in order get students excited about coming to school?

My hope is that this episode empowers you to look beyond the chronic absenteeism misconceptions and inspires you to begin taking new approaches to help students and families combat this issue.


Resources from this Episode:

Chronic Absence Myths Article from American Institutes for Research

Attendance Works Homepage

Teaching Attendance 2.0 toolkit

Sanford Harmony– Social Emotional Program

Leaders of Literacy Homepage

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