Show Notes

Being a leader of literacy involves so much more than helping children learn to read. So, what exactly does it involve?

Today, I am talking with the West Virginia Campaign for Grade-Level Reading State Lead, Maggie Luma and Early Literacy Specialist, Brandie Turner about the West Virginia Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and how that work impacts the future literacy success of West Virginia children.

What to Listen For:

  • Why is focusing on the Reading Achievement Gap so important prior to 3rd grade?
  • How is the West Virginia Department of Education working on reducing the Reading Achievement Gap?
  • What four components are crucial for developing a solid early literacy foundation?
  • What support is available to counties, schools, and teachers?
  • How can you use this podcast for your professional learning?

My hope is that this episode demonstrates that you do not have to be a literacy expert to be a leader of literacy and empowers you to thinking differently about how you can help children, in your school, community, and district, develop a strong literacy foundation.

Resources from this Episode:

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Additional Resources:

National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Homepage

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