Mt. Olive Correctional Center

It is the mission of the West Virginia Department of Education at Mount Olive Correctional Complex to provide opportunities for learning to all students. It is our belief that all students can learn, and we shall strive to aid students so that they can achieve their educational goals in the following areas: academic, transitional, and career/technical skills.

As a staff, we shall ensure that a nurturing educational environment is maintained where students feel safe, encouraged, and challenged to push themselves to greater success. We shall strive to create lifelong learners through classes that require critical thinking, problem-solving, and 21st-century skills. High academic expectations will be placed on the students so that they will become leaders and/or role models thus creating valuable citizens upon reentry to society.


Principal: Chris Blake (

Employee: Title: E-Mail:
Bowles, Stephanie Culinary Arts Instructor
Helmick, Mathew BMO Instructor
Lewin, Bryan Career Development Specialist
Hopkins, David AE/HSE
Leggett, Susan AE/HSE
Surber, Brenda Secretary II
Clarence Shepherd Barber Instructor

Contact Us

  • 1 Mountainside Way, Box 9, Mount Olive, WV 25185

  • Phone: (304) 442-7213

  • Fax: (304) 442-7228