St. Mary'S Center

The mission of the Education Department at the St.Marys Correctional Center is to provide academic and vocational/technological
opportunities combined with social “thinking” skills to enable students to become responsible and productive citizens.

The goals for the WV Department of Education at St. Marys Correctional Center are:
1. Provide for Academic Literacy Development.
2. Provide for Social “Thinking” Skills.
3. Provide for Technological Literacy Development.
4. Provide for Career Development and Vocational Training.
5. Provide for Re-Entry Transitional Skills.


Principal:  Mark Hedrick (

Employee: Title: E-Mail:
Bell, Luann AE Instructor
Bayless, Heather Secretary II
Meeks, Howard AE Instructor
Vacant AE/HSED/CTE C-Tech Instructor
Richard, Jeffrey Transition Coordinator/Acting Lead Teacher

Contact Us

  • 2880 N Pleasants Highway, St. Mary’s , WV 26170

  • Phone: (304) 684-5500

  • Fax: (304) 684-2101