The training and development team at the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) are a team of facilitators and trainers committed to fostering an environment that encourages employees to seek out opportunities for learning, whether for career development or for personal fulfillment. We are dedicated to bringing innovative and timely workshops to WVDE staff.

WVDE’s Learning & Development (L&D) Team supports the West Virginia Board of Education and West Virginia Department of Education’s mission by growing the capability of supervisors and employees to build a motivated, engaged and high-performing workforce. Learning solutions focus on developing or enhancing the competencies and behaviors needed by individuals and teams in order to accomplish meaningful goals and create a positive work climate that encourages and values clarity, interaction, openness, diversity, community and results.

Our Training and Development program provides WVDE employees with training and professional development opportunities that expand the potential of our robust and dynamic workforce. In addition to providing a wide range of courses and workshops, we offer professional skills counseling and develop employee training programs.

Coursemill is a learning management system utilized by West Virginia State government to deliver exceptional eLearning. The Coursemill LMS houses elearning modules focused on the skills required to effectively manage, retain, and build an engaged workforce.

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