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The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) provides funding to support SEAs, LEAs and schools in establishing safe, healthy, and supportive learning opportunities and environments.  Funding will be awarded competitively to high-need LEAs in order to establish a safer and healthier learning environment, and to prevent and respond to acts of bullying, violence, and hate that impact school communities.  This funding opportunity has been designed in recognition of the fact that local evidence-based school safety and climate plans, depend on meaningful engagement between school and LEA leaders and students, parents, families, and community members, and strong relationships between students and adults.  These connections are vital for ensuring school safety and climate plans are tailored to local conditions, lived experiences, and needs; well-designed; effectively implemented; and clearly communicated, including to families.  LEA plans to create safe, healthy, and supportive schools should reflect a comprehensive set of evidence-based components.

Funding availability is limited to high-need LEAs.  For the purpose of this competitive grant program a high-need LEA is identified as:

  • An LEA that exceeds the state poverty average of 51%; and
  • An LEA that exceeds the state average of 31% for chronic absenteeism

Eligible LEA’s can apply for up to $ 500,000.  Funding will be awarded based upon identified needs and activities outlined in the application narrative and budget.  Funding will be awarded in June of 2023 and will run through the FY24, FY25 and FY26 school years with an ending obligation date of 9/30/26.