Jaqueline Shriner
Jaqueline ShrinerLanguage Arts Teacher| Wheeling Park High School

Jacqueline Shriner is a National Board Certified language arts teacher at Wheeling Park High School in Wheeling, WV. She has also worked as a permanent substitute teacher at Triadelphia Middle School and Bridge Street Middle School for sixth and seventh graders.

“When I was in fourth grade, my class did an activity where students were to draw their dream job. I drew myself in front of a chalkboard with students in desks on the side of the picture,” says Shriner. “I believe my love of reading and learning and the fact that I had amazing teachers inspired me to be a teacher.”

Ms. Shriner’s favorite aspect of her is job is realizing that students in her classrooms are learning, maturing, and finding their own niche in life. She is motivated daily to find creative ways to help students gain the skills needed to grow academically and emotionally. The success of West Virginia schools hinges on keeping certified teachers in the classroom and meeting the diverse needs of each student in the state.

Teaching runs rampant in the Shriner family tree. Her father was a vocational teacher and both of her daughters currently teach in Ohio County. Her son also works for Apple Inc. and Shriner has an Australian cattle dog named Cooper. Outside of the classroom, her hobbies include reading, swimming, gardening and all things Harry Potter.