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Improving CTE is a process requiring commitment and honest self-reflection. The following CTE technical assistance process will utilize desktop audits and onsite reviews focused around the Standards for Effective Schools – CTE Alignment.  These standards are not necessarily sequential, and schools may only need to focus on one standard or several standards.  The CTE technical assistance process articulates a systematic and coherent approach to improving CTE programs, schools, and districts by changing fundamental structures and processes that will lead to sustainable improvement leading to high-quality CTE.  

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CTE Administrator Class

This course was designed to develop competencies necessary for CTE administrative positions with an understanding of basic principles and issues within CTE curriculum planning, development, implementation, organization, and evaluation. Policy now requires all CTE administrators to hold the CTE Administrator Authorization and this course must be completed to obtain.

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The CTE Mentorship program connects veteran CTE administrators with new CTE administrators to offer guidance and support with CTE finances, concepts, initiatives, and expectations. The veteran CTE administrators share their expertise and knowledge in a mutually respectful and supportive way to assist new CTE administrators with growing their skills, making good decisions, and gaining new perspectives. The CTE Mentorship program is a learning experience for all involved and creates more opportunities for CTE success.

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