Specific state and federal funds available for CTE are:

Funds will be allocated by a block grant based upon a formula.  Allocations will be advanced quarterly.

Restrictions:  Funds are to supplement, but not supplant, local expenditures for technical education and may be carried over to the new fiscal year without penalty.

An allocation will be made for the sole purpose of travel expenses incurred by career technical personnel in carrying out duties directly related to career technical education.  Such use includes activities relating to out of class instruction, (e.g. Agriculture Education supervision), personnel development and/or in-service workshops, career and technical student organizations and coordination of programs which utilize non-school training sites, i.e., clinical or OJT sites.  Allocations will be determined in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined in the State Plan for career technical education.  These funds will be advanced to LEAs in accordance with current policies of the State Board of Education and the budget division of the Department of Finance and Administration.

Funds must be expended for CTE personnel rather than for expenses for students. (Note the exception below concerning covering transportation cost for students participating in CTSO National Competition).  Travel funds may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.  Carry-over funds should be spent first.

Note:  State dollars may pay all or a portion of the transportation (by the most economical means) of students who are part of the official delegation to state and national CTSO events and the expenses of approved advisors to state or national activities based on the availability of funds allocated to the state advisors.

Additional expenses for the advisors and additional costs for student transportation may be paid by the LEAs from the secondary block grant or travel allocation.  The cost of food and lodging for students and any cost for student transportation not covered by the state or the LEA should be paid by the student organization or by the individual student.

The official national delegation of students shall be comprised of state officers, 1st place competitive event winners, candidates for national office, and voting delegates.

Local advisors must be willing to accept responsibilities assigned by the state advisor.   WVDE CTSO funds can be used for the expenses of one local advisor for every seven students.   A lower ratio is allowable but the expenses of the additional local advisors must be funded from sources other than the WVDE CTSO allocations.

An allocation will be made to the LEA for the sole purpose of equipment upgrade and replacement.  Funds are distributed by a formula. The LEA shall submit a LEA Form-6 Application for Approval of Equipment.  Funds will be advanced based upon availability of funds, usually quarterly.

Equipment funds may be carried over from one fiscal year to the next.  Carry-over funds should be spent first.

The WVDE receives an annual state legislative appropriation for CTE program modernization.  Requests for Proposals are sent to the LEAs in March and must be submitted by April 15.  In order to maximize the impact of these funds, an important criterion is the availability of matching funds from sources outside the school system. Safety considerations are a priority. Another important factor is the targeting of programs that lead to employment in high demand/high wage occupations.

Proposals that emphasize innovation and substantive change from the status quo are given most favorable consideration.  Expenditures for hiring personnel or renovating facilities are not to be included.