About Us

The Office of Technology Integration and Support (OTIS) supports local schools and districts in the integration of technology into classroom instruction. Additionally, the Office of Technology Integration and Support coordinates the preparation of Technology Integration Specialists (TIS) and ensures that professional learning opportunities and credentialing requirements are met. Office personnel work closely with county TIS and classroom teachers, providing technical assistance related to technology integration and STEM. Personnel coordinate STEM, Computer Science, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) initiatives, as well as initiatives that promote technology and innovation in schools, such as Digital Learning Day. The Office of Technology Integration and Support provides support for initiatives within the WVDE Division of Teaching and Learning. The West Virginia Department of Education is committed to providing all students educational opportunities in a technology-rich environment that supports learning.

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  • Building 6, Room 652, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305