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Office 365 is a robust and fully encrypted e-mail program and offers a unified communications platform that includes live-chat and full featured video conferencing with screen sharing and audio. It also includes access to the full Microsoft Office productivity suite of applications including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote and Share Point. Additionally, it includes OneDrive which is a secure online document storage system. This personal storage space allows each user to easily transfer work from computer to computer or from home to school. Additional features will be rolled out as they become available.

A statewide Identity Management and Active Directory utilizing the Webtop User Management system has been implemented to facilitate account management.  Along with the afore mentioned features, all current students and staff also receive, free of charge, 5 licenses of the Microsoft productivity suite to be used on home computers.  Login information can be obtained by contacting the local district/school. 

Login to the Office 365 Portal


Getting Started
Introduction to Office 365
The Waffle
The Office 365 Start Page
Passwords Link to Reset Password
Bulk Retrieval of Student Passwords
Common Names and Account Pictures
What Happens When You Graduate or Retire?
Getting Office 2016 on your Personal Computers
Introduction to Stream
Closed Captioning with Stream
Changing the Resolution on Stream Videos
Migrating Mix to Stream
Student Observations with Forms, Flow and OneNote
A trick to get fields to show up
PowerPoint 2016
Adding Recording to PowerPoint 2016
3D Models in PowerPoint 2016
Morph Transition in PowerPoint 2016
Advanced Morphing Technique in PowerPoint 2016
In Practice – Using 3D and Morph to create a classroom report
Android Apps iPhone and iPad Apps






Skype for Business

Skype for Business

Outlook Groups
Office Remote
Office Lens
Team Calendar Sync
Office Add Ins
Pickit – copywrite free images for Word and PowerPoint
Chem4Word – Chemistry Add In
Class Notebook Add In
Learning Tools Add In
Pexel – copywrite free images for Word and PowerPoint
Introduction to Forms and Forms for Excel
Getting Started
Building Your First Form
Question Types in Forms
Sharing your Form
Forms – Advanced Settings
Forms – Changing the Theme
Forms – Checking the Responses
Forms – Branching
Forms – Quizzes
Forms – Drop Down Lists
Forms – Grading Work Flow
Forms – Student Observation Form with Flow and OneNote
Sample Tee Shirt Order Form
Sample Counselor Form (for training only)
Sample Branched Form
(Please try the forms to see how they work on your devices.)
Introduction to Planner
Planner’s interaction with other Office 365 Tools (YouTube)
To Do
Introduction to To Do
Collaboration and Teamwork
Collaborating in Office 365
Introduction to Yammer Groups – Introduction
A Tour of the Yammer Screens Groups – Creating Groups
Managing Yammer Notifications Groups – Finding your Groups
Yammer, Why Not Use Email? Group Conversations
Yammer – Adding Animated Gifs Group Files
Groups – Calendar
Group Notebooks
Teams Groups and Planner
Groups and Stream
Introduction to Teams Following Groups and using @mentions
Product Tour (Promotional Video) Group Settings and Deleting
Groups for Professional Learning Communities (PLC)
Activity in Teams @mentions
Chat in Teams
Teams, Tabs and Channels
Team and Channel Settings Adding Group Members and Guests
Join and Create Teams Link to WVDE Demo Team Tutorial for Guests (Stream)
Meetings in Teams Tutorial for Guests (YouTube)
Files in Teams
Deleting Rude Comments
Creating Class Assignments
Grading Assignments
Skype for Business 2015
Skype for Business 2015 – Versions Skype Meetings – Getting Started
Skype for Business 2015 – Getting Started Skype Meetings – The Meeting Space
Skype for Business 2015 – Chat Skype Meetings – Presenting Material
Skype Meetings – Tips and Tricks
Skype for Business 2015 – Technical Stuff Skype Meetings – Storing your Recording
Skype for Business 2015 – Skype Meetings
Skype for Business 2015 – Tips and Tricks
Skype with your Browser
Outlook 2013
Email Junk and Clutter
Contact and Distribution Lists
Outlook 365 – Attachments
Rules – special thanks to Jonathan Oates
Deleting A Contact List
Phishing and Compromised Accounts
Sway Lesson 1 – Introduction
Sway Lesson 2 – Adding Content
Sway Lesson 3 – Toolbars
Sway Lesson 4 – Emphasis, Accents and Focus Points
Sway Lesson 5 – Adding Content from my Computer
Sway from Beginning to End
Adding White Listed YouTube videos to Sway
Link to example:
Sway – For Students
Sway Presentation Mode
AutoPlay and Loop Your Sway
Add Audio to Your Sway
Podcasting with Sway
Calendar Lesson 1 – Creating an Event
Calendar Lesson 2 – Inviting Someone to your Event
Calendar Lesson 3 – Using the Scheduling Assistant
Calendar Lesson 4 – Adding and Subscribing to Other Calendars (including a neat trick about football calendars)
Calendar Less on 5 – Sharing
Calendar Lesson 6 – Working with Multiple Calendars
Publishing a Calendar
OneDrive for Business – Introduction

Adding Files to your OneDrive for Business
Creating documents in OneDrive for Business
Sharing, Deleting and Moving files in OneDrive for Business
Shared with Me in OneDrive for Business
Getting Notified When a OneDrive File Changes
Restore your OneDrive
OneDrive – For Students
OneNote Lesson 1 – Introduction
OneNote 2013Lesson 2 – Getting Started
OneNote 2013 Lesson 3 – Screen Clipping
OneNote 2013 Lesson 4 – Send to OneNote
OneNote 2013 Lesson 5 – Searching
OneNote 2013 Lesson 6 – The Insert Ribbon
OneNote 2013 Lesson 7 – Page Templates
OneNote 2013 – Adding A Calendar
OneNote 2013
OneNote 2016 – Using Tags to Make a Database
Merging Notebooks
OneNote – For Students
Learning Tools Add In for OneNote 2013 and 2016
Foreign Language Dictation using the Learning Tools Add In
A closer look at sharing OneNote notebooks
Immersive Reader in Word 365
Practical Application Ideas
Please submit your own ideas. Create your own Mix or we can make it for you.
Group Calendars for Computer Lab Scheduling
Forms for Counselors
Teacher Resource Notebook (Special Thanks to Kara Porter of Wayne County)
Wunderlist and Young Students
Wunderlist and Older Students
Secretaries, Phone Messages and Microsoft Planner
A closer look at sharing OneNote notebooks