The goal is to provide educators with the 21st-century skills and tools necessary to assume the role of a Technology Integration Specialist (TIS). A TIS is a curriculum coach that has added expertise in using technology tools to increase student engagement with learning.

Participants in this initiative will receive intense professional development.  Completers of the program may apply for the TIS advanced credential awarded by the Office of Professional Preparation. The professional development includes the following:

  • Attending 2 summer training sessions, typically late June and Mid July;
  • Participation in Online courses;
  • Optional face-to-face workshops (one in the fall and one in the spring, typically by the regions formally known as RESA); and
  • Other professional development opportunities related to topics such as project-based learning, specific technology tools, Online content resources, data analysis for instructional decision-making, and instructional technology integration issues.
  • Sample School-Based TIS Job Description
  • If you are a full-time educator in WV, contact your county technology director and/or superintendent for more information. Notification of open enrollment goes out in mid-May and applications are received until June 1.

Email Josh Ratliff (jhratliff@k12.wv.us) for more information


TIS Advanced Credential Process


Minecraft FAQ

Our intent with that statement in the rules means that they would create from a new load of the game and not by downloading a pre-configured world from the education.minecraft.net website. Therefore, as long as it is the default biome in the game and not downloaded from somewhere and imported, this is acceptable.

One. A student can register one time as an individual or one time as part of a team, but not both.

Contact your local technology facilitators (Technology Director, TIS, TSS) for this information. If they do not have direct access to this information, they can point you in the right direction.

A team is made up of 2-4 members.

Our intent is that students would not receive help from anyone on the creation of the product in Minecraft, voice over, or screen recording. It is, however, acceptable for students to receive assistance from a teacher or adult to better understand the content of the world. For example, students may receive information from a teacher to help them with selecting an event in WV history to create, help with historical accuracy, etc.

That is up to you. You can do something as simple as recording your screen with your cell phone moving around your world and explaining what you’ve created. Or, you can use a screen recording tool such as Game Bar on Windows 10 or QuickTime on a Mac. There are many methods for doing this and we don’t have a preference on which method you use, as long as it:

  • Explains your creation with voice over
  • Shows the most significant portions of your project with screen recordings
  • Is one minute or less

Prizes will be $100 Visa gift cards. We know that much for sure. We are also working on securing a few more prizes and we will update this page as we get more information.