Show Notes

Today I am talking with State Early Literacy Specialist, Christy Schwartz, about the power that interactive read-alouds have on developing children’s literacy skills both in and out of the classroom.

What to Listen for:

  • What are interactive read-alouds?
  • What is the difference between a traditional read-aloud approach and an interactive read-aloud?
  • What role do interactive read-alouds have on the development of students’ background knowledge?
  • How do interactive read-alouds support students’ vocabulary development?
  • What types of vocabulary words should educators and parents pay attention to when selecting a text for the purpose of an interactive read-aloud?
  • How can interactive read-alouds be used to examine text structure?
  • What are some benefits to using interactive read-alouds during writing instruction?

My hope is that this episode brings to light the power and enriching experiences that interactive read-alouds bring to classroom instruction. Keep in mind that interactive read-alouds should not be restricted to primary grades. Research indicates that incorporating interactive read-alouds into instruction in Kindergarten through 8th grade helps students to develop strong literacy skills.


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