Show Notes

Today, I sit down with Maggie Luma, the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading State Lead and Coordinator at the West Virginia Department of Education, to discuss a topic that she is very passionate about, Self-Talk. Self-Talk is an important factor behind Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD) and is a life skill that we can easily integrate into the classroom.

What to Listen for:

  • What is Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)?
  • What are the six stages in SRSD?
  • How does Maggie define self-talk?
  • How does self-talk fit into the SRSD framework?
  • Why should educators explicitly teach self-talk?
  • What are the six types of self-talk as published by Dr. Karen Harris?
  • What is one group of students who would greatly benefit from self-talk focusing on attention and planning?
  • Why is self-talk about strategy implementation important for students?
  • How can self-talk about self-evaluation benefit not only students but also teachers?
  • How is self-talk about coping and self-control especially important to our students today?
  • How can educators easily begin introducing self-talk to students?

My hope is that this episode ignites local conversations about the importance surrounding school readiness and helps to inspire the development of new supports and resources that communities,  schools and families can use in order to meet the needs of EVERY child from birth.


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