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Supporting College and Career Readiness in West Virginia: A Sustained Model for Success

The mission of the West Virginia Network for Educational Excellence is to increase student achievement and ensure college and career readiness for all learners through the promotion of standards-focused teaching and learning. This mission builds on the shared goals of the West Virginia Board of Education and Department of Education which aim to provide a high-quality learning system that: encourages a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and skills; responds to workforce and economic demands; and promotes a culture of community engagement and personal well-being.

Overview of the WV Network for Educational Excellence

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Data-driven Decision Making

To support accountability and continuous quality improvement

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WV Summit for Educational Excellence

Provided annually to provide data-driven professional learning and support to enhance standards-focused teaching and learning for educators, administrators, and others

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Yearlong, Standards-focused Professional Learning Experiences

Sustained with state and local support

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Teacher Resources for Educational Excellence

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