Yearlong, Standards-focused Professional Learning Experiences

//Yearlong, Standards-focused Professional Learning Experiences
Yearlong, Standards-focused Professional Learning Experiences2018-08-09T10:13:47+00:00
  • Teacher Academy Professional Learning
  • Mentor Professional Learning Events
  • Professional learning for Summit participants that is sustained with state and local support by utilizing professional learning models such as (but not limited to):
    • webinar series
    • Professional Learning Community (PLC) guides created based on content.
    • e-learning coursework
    • technical assistance (virtual, face-to-face, etc.)
    • Division of Teaching and Learning Teams
      • English Language Arts Teams
      • Mathematics Teams
      • Formative Assessment Process Teams
      • Innovation Teams
      • Technology Integration Teams
      • Personalized Learning Teams
      • Early Learning Teams
      • Elementary Learning Teams
      • Middle School Learning Teams
      • High School Learning Teams
      • Other teams to be Determined