Student Enrollment:

In-Person: 10,280
Virtual: 1,496
Total: 11,776

In-person model:

Grades K-8: 5-days
Grades 9-12: 5-days

Number of personnel:

Professional Staff: 1080*
Service Staff: 574*

*Note: These numbers are based upon the list of personnel that were certified by county leaders on October 01, 2020.

Pandemic Funding

ESSERF1 Allocation*: $4,137,531.00

Education Stabilization Funds for Career Centers: $37,341.00

WVDE Competitive Grant Allocation: $225,329.77

ECEF Allocation: $181,000.00 

ESSERF2 Allocation*: $14,552,941.75  

Total Awarded: $19,134,143.52

*Note: ESSERF1 and ESSERF2 refers to CARES funding for education.

Child Nutrition Federal Disbursements: $3,234,500.12

Extending Learning

Counties are submitting plans for summer and extended learning opportunities through April 2021. As plans are submitted, WVDE will publish the information here.

Enrollment Information

School NameIn-personVirtualTotal Enrollment
Blennerhassett Elementary School44855503
Criss Elementary School19941240
Emerson Elementary School35166417
Fairplains Elementary School18516201
Gihon Elementary School24628274
Greenmont Elementary School20712219
Jefferson Elementary Center52570595
Kanawha Elementary School24244286
Lubeck Elementary School33535370
Madison Elementary School25025275
Mineral Wells Elementary School41548463
Neale Elementary School31174385
Vienna Elementary School24829277
Williamstown-waverly Elementary School52639565
Franklin Elementary Center19360253
Martin Elementary School21314227
Blennerhassett Middle School39075465
Edison Middle School510102612
Hamilton Middle School37579454
Jackson Middle School43757494
Van Devender Middle School28667353
Parkersburg High School14772241701
Parkersburg South High School13051821487
Williamstown High School60654660