County Location of Forum Please utilize the space below to provide comments related to ideas that you have for improving student achievement if those ideas do not fit under one of the topic specific comment cards.                                                                                                                                                                            
Mineral County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Stop giving tax breaks to the wealthy.  they don't need it, and they are not reinvesting the way that we ideally hope they would.  We are putting more money in their pockets that needs to be used to finance our schools to educate a workforce for them.  It also needs to be invested in their infrastructure.
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) I do not think Legislatures should be permitted to vote on issues that they receive financial compensation from = extreme conflict of interest!
Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) -Language Learning occurs @ birth to 6 - Why do we require language in high school?  -Remove academic standards for PreK/K - allow more time for play and structured interactions.  -Better align developmental milestones to academic standards.
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Provide teacher pay raise and fix PEIA and more highly qualified teachers will want (participant underlined the previous word) to come to WV instead of leave it!
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Please review sub hiring procedures.  Berekely Co. requires degree (which in theory provides quality instruction).  However, our school daily (participant underlined the previous word) goes w/o someone in a classroom because we do not have enough subs in the county.  this is much worse than having someone w/a GED or associates degree.  
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) We need to start looking at Ability (participant underlined previous word) and not age.  Students who have suffered trauma and/or have not had exposure to education (no pre-k to k) may simply need more time.  Yet, we push through and push through which only puts unprepared students into the next grade.  We need to give these children a chance, the time they need and focus more on ability (participant underlined the previous two words) and not age.  Sometimes children need more time, but when we keep pushing students into the next grade we create behavior issues and end up labeling students as learning disabilities, when we are the ones who have causes these issues.  We also need to compare/score students against themselves, not against others.  -Child A who started with no letter or # knowledge but now has letters and is reading on level A may not be on level but (participant underlined the previous word) has made more progress than -Child B who came into K reading on a level A and in the same time is now on level c/d which is grade level.  -Child A has showed amazing growth but is labeled as low/slow compared to the "standard" expectations.
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) 1. Communicate with other high achieving states to determine what works with their students to increase scores and better educated children.  2.  Create more than 1 Education Reform Bill, there are many important issues that have been put into 1 bill.  3.  Address the many social issues in our state, particularly southern WV.  Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Although it is certainly true that the WV governor and legislature are the decision-makers, the state BOE should take the lead in developing an education/strategic vision and objecting to present the governor and the legislature concurrence with the vision and objectives.  That vision and objectives may well need to be revised after presentation to the decision makers, but those decision makers will never provide either, so the State BOE should assume a thought leadership role.
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) These comments pertain to the process or context of these fora:  What is the overall objective and how will success or achievement be measured without that context, the ideas present are just subjective and lacking in focus.  I recommend an overall objective of at least parity with neighboring states on measurable student achievement.  take the best of Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky.  Then using the best of those for each student achievement criterion, develop ideas/Plans (fora like this might be very useful) to achieve each within 5-10 years.
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Students start school day @9am-4pm rather than 8-3.  Pro's:   *2-hr delays become 1 hr delay.  *Safer time for kids to wait for the bus.  *Less time in day care.  Cons:  *Students would leave school earlier for extra curricular.  *Later day for kids.    Smaller class sizes - Kindergarten up to 17.  1-6 up to 20.  7 up to 25.
Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Homeschooled students should have to provide a portfolio to demonstrate academic progress.  The state should sponsor schools for students with profound needs and disabilities.  Increase natural gas severance tax to raise money to fund public education.  meet the goal framed in 18A-4-2: get starting teacher salaries to $43,000.  Start school later, have shorter school dates, but more of them.
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) I truly believe if the State makes it possible to discipline students (suspensions not counted against the school on its "report card") or provides each district with a transitional school, ALL test scores will improve.  From 1st grade on, the same students are chronic classroom disruptors.  how can you teach "small group" reading instruction if the teacher is constantly stopping to redirect the same students.  The whole class loses.  Good students aren't being pushed.  Struggling students aren't helped and average students all behind.  Address this and watch how great our test scores become.  it is past time to provide an atmosphere where teachers can teach and ALL (participant underlined the previous word) students can learn to the best of their ability.
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) -Teachers are far too micromanaged.  Please trust us to do our jobs.  If a teacher proves to be untrustworthy, please deal with that person rather than punishing us all.  -Please develop a survey - on paper.  (we don't trust online - we fear we can e traced) that allows us to voice our concerns and offer solutions.  For example: Ask This: What are your top 3 concerns in education today and how would you address these concerns?  -Please address the waste- too many material resources.   We can't use, "coaches" for experienced and well-reviewed teachers - please ask us what we want and need.  Thank you for this opportunity!  We sincerely appreciate your effort to let us contribute.
Jefferson County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) *Year round schools - Research shows student retention is better.  Student welfare is tracked better.  More school opportunities for students.  *Decreasing the number of school districts from 55 to 20 or what number makes sense.  *More vocational schools and programs, especially high-tech.  (Following two statements were student suggestions from Harpers Ferry Middle School)  *In middle school mandatory adult, financial literacy class.   *In middle school mandatory social skills - etiquette class.  
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) One extremely important idea that needs to be brought back into the school system is "student accountability."  so much focus has been placed on teacher accountability over the last ew decades that we have lost sight of why schools exist in the first place.   They exist to prepare our children to be able to function in society, the "real world."  when we do not hold our students accountable in the classroom and also the rest of the school environment, they will not be able to function at a level that will make them contributing members of society.  Two examples of this are - a lack of discipline and allowing assignments to be turned in late.  Both of these help create horrible school environment and also go completely against what life is like "in the real world."
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) I would like to repeat my idea about student success and testing.  If we are going to use summative assessment at the end of the school year, then there should be student accountability.  The students see no point in these tests; however, if they did not "pass" that test and had to re-take the test, they may see things very differently.  The quality of their work would improve, and they would be more focused throughout the school year so that they would not have to repeat a grade, etc.  For example, in Virginia, students must "pass" the SOL exam in order to move to the next grade.  What the student does not do throughout the year does affects his/her performance on that test.  Also, in order for the summative exam to really mean something, students should not be tested continuously throughout the school year.  This constant testing devalues the significance or importance of the end of the year assessment.    
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) 1.  Graduation requirements to the students to motivate learning.  Minimum level of standardized test  Testing before 11th grade in HS so pressure is not on one grade.  2.  Attendance - if student is not attending excused or unexcused they should not get credit and  low expectation of make up work continually being required.    3.  Credit Recovery - Students that sit in a class failing, disrupting and problems.  They an receive credit through computer program.  Students see no need to work.    4.  No 2nd math credit in 9th grade - students as SRs  don't need to pass math.   Overall: Fix graduation requirement to focus on classroom motivation.  
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Student focus.  Student accountability.  Enable teachers.   Support teachers.  Realistic approach to learning.  Go back to Linal test to be able to graduate - minimum enforced requirement.
Hancock County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Education needs reform! But you are leaving out a large portion of personal that help with education all around. That group is the service personnel. This group is under paid and over looked. If you want Good employees you need to treat them with respect and appreciate the job they do . There is a lot of complaints on service personnel taking days off. If you have no initiative to keep those days to sue toward insurance or years when you retire, you might as well use them.   - Something needs changed on this teaching kid to pass state testing but they are not learning anything else. But the requirements for the test. I graduated in 85 without all this modern technology. I have put 6 children through the system and they are very lacking in a lot of areas. I actually had to teach my 6 & 7 graders how to sign their passports because they were not taught cursive in school.   
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) - Why not consider alternative cert. programs that have had success, such as teach for America in our counties where we have a teacher shortage (esp. high need subject like math and science)  - help us form more informed opinion by giving us some real data. Before we develop our opinion on differential pay for teaching in low income schools, tell us what other states have done, what the research shows about what does and does not work.   This process should have been before the SB was rolled out! We are glad your doing it now. 
Putnam County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) We need a maximum on class size all the way through high school. When class size goes up the one on one opportunities go down exponentially.    Secure health benefits and sick leave has become "use it or lose it" and yet teachers who miss "too much" can be reprimanded by their administration, even though they have the sick days to cover the time off. 
Hancock County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Student to teacher ratios must be decreased, a crossed the board, and must be implemented in secondary schools (for academic classes, not performance classes such as band and chorus) There is absolutely no question that student needs can be better met when teachers attention is less divided.   High School classes should absolutely be limited to 22 students or less. Elementary and middle should have 20 or less.   Smaller class sizes allow for so many positives. The only negative is funding. We need to find a way around this.   
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) PEIA - Coverage  Better coverage takes less money out of pocket. The more out of pocket the less tests, medication the person can afford to have.  Square footage for custodians.  
Hancock County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) - Bring back the old hiring practices  - look at the $43,000 money amount that was supposed to be the beginning salary by the upcoming year  - give flexibility to public schools and let us teach  
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Insurance needs to be better for all employees. But service personnel is underpaid and have to let medical issues go because of out of pocket expense  When you make $1200 a month and one medicine cost you $300 out of pocket a month. How are you to live and what make you stay on w/county.   Cover PEIA and make it better PLEASE!!
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) -Ideas for improving student achievement  -keep class size/students to teacher ratio LOW!!  -vocational education teachers should be able to be proficient in their vocation and experienced in that vocational skill, but not necessarily have a teaching degree. 
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Exit exams for grade levels before they can move on. Skills needed for the next grade level must be retained or the gap of knowledge for new skills grows larger and larger each year. Math especially!  
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) I feel that increasing the amount of programs available to students of a young age would be very helpful. Nay students don't get basic skills at home, and a program at a young age could be very helpful to there students.   encouraging parent/community volunteers at all levels. 
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Smaller calls sizes!  K-5 no more than 15  6-12 no more than 25  Impossible to keep giving our time to too many
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Smaller class sizes!  Will allow us to better address both academic and mental/emotional issues of the kids  
Wetzel County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Class size caps at 20 students (K-2)   No waiver, just 20 max in K-2  
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Student class size - reducing it   Not 27 - 4th graders in one small room  
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Many of these topics need to be extended to include service personnel  
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) PEIA - coverage needs permanent funding  No charter schools without  more regulations.   Bus operator classifications.   bus operator incentives to get employees state aide formula set @1,400   smaller class sizes needed  Square footage per custodian cook meal ratio set @90 students per cook. 
Hancock County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) The one common component WV counties have are public libraries. Libraries need to become a literacy HUB for each county. From school to libraries there should be an assigned individual designated to communicate  activities available at libraries are OPEN - weekends, summers and into the evenings. Programs should be built between schools and libraries to continue literacy opportunities and growth.  
Marshall County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Please look at the real issues in education. The wheel doesn't need recreated, it need fixed. Funding is Huge!  
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) I oppose increasing police presence at schools. Money would be better spent on counselors  Class size much be lower!  Eliminate yearling testing!  
Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Sorry about the bloviating on the front. The long and short and short of the matter concerns the illegal ?? WV is about to be subjected to. This is not my first rodeo as I moved from Arizona by choice. My experiences are long and varied but the similarities of the current situation of WV education system is frightening. I realize most educators have not been worst of the Mississippi but time is running short. These undocumented invaders will overwhelm state resources in short under. This condition is ?? by our surrounding states that for the most part view WV as a dumping ground for those less than productive citizens. There are a number of sections that can mitigate this ?? but of course this requires team work with other states to bring our resident educators up to speed. This is not my best ?? my ?? as I believe I am suffering from the "Bangladesh Crude: a disease  that affect mental clarity.  Thanks  
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) *Vaccine choice for parents.  *More parent choice across the board.
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Would like to see a Tim Tebow Bill passed.
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) -More technical trade school  -More alternative learning
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Please make an attendance policy that has some "teeth" to it.
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) The state needs to develop an attendance policy that makes students and parents accountable.  Students need to be required to make-up day after  a certain number of days missed.
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) The right decision was a landmark ruling.  That served its purpose but needs to be revamped.  The West Virginia of the late 1980's does not exist and the mason funding sources also do not exist.   Perhaps a different funding stream or allocation would be beneficial.
Hampshire County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Thank you for giving me an opportunity to voice my thoughts.
Morgan County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Teachers need to dress professionally (participant underlined professionally twice)
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Don't have school systems by county.  Do it by population and geography.  Consolidate like functions across boundaries as much as possible.  
Jefferson County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) We need to decrease class sizes for all grades.  Currently, middle and high schools have no cap on class sizes, so a cap would also need to be implemented.
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) Class size caps  k-5 no more than 18  6-12 no more than 25  *fair and competitive   salary increase aligned w/national standards  progressive taxation revenue source for PEIA to attract and retain qualified teachers and service personnel  
Ohio County Schools Wheeling  (Wheeling Park HS - 04/02/2019) I was surprised to find that parent involvement was not included in the forum ideas.   We need to bring parents into school activities to learn how  they can help their child at home with very specific areas of need based on school data.  Parent involvement is a key ingredient in improving student achievement at all levels, for all classes, for all students.  This needs to be part of the WV education reform plan
Jefferson County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Fully-funded  *Afterschool programs that help students with homework, have a safe place to be, and provide dinner.  Include transportation too!  *Classes pertaining to coping skills and financial literacy for all kids in all grades! (participant underlined the last two "all")  *Bring back recess.  *Field trip funding to explore careers and provide more real-world curriculum connections.  
Berkeley County Schools Berkeley Springs  (Berkeley Spring HS - 04/03/2019) Support public education.  Support teachers and service personnel.  Give more leeway on how teachers teach.  Less testing, children are overly tested.  More time to teach.  Allow teachers to teach and support personnel to deal with emotional/behavior issues.
Marion County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Homeschool has gotten "out of hand"   Nothing against the ? (underlined) homeschoolers. However, with the ESA this may add fuel to fire. Parents who are hiding from child protection services for ? $ as an in ? to remove a child from a quality public education. Given the current state of the "opiod crisis" are we exascerbating the crisis. 
Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) This would be a great time to collaborate and partner with the WV Parent Training and Information Center to support getting parents/families connecting with their cholds respective school. Research shows parent involvement and greater student success.     WV Parent Training and Information (Statewide)   Brenda Lamkin, Director  1-304-997-9357 (c)   1-304-472-5697 (o) 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) You keep commenting that we don't have math teachers   Quit (double underlined) putting the math teachers in administration those folds are interested in $$, and will migrate toward the higher paying jobs -- administration that is hurting our children they benefit kids more by teaching math skills.   If we have such an opiod crisis, hire more health (last two words double underlined) teachers.   I really think every teacher is important I taught English for 40 years and I believe English (communication) is the most important teaching position. I just think when you start comparing one with another and going more to one then the other, all you get is resentment! (underlined) 
Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Look @ 55 LEAs before (undelined) we start charter schools. Way too many LEAs when you look @ our population.   We closed RESAs before we looked @ small counties - why RESA might have bene the way to go  Charter schools have no accountability to how funds are used - that's not a good idea  ESAs - that money needs accounted for - it could be used for things way outside of education
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Consider funding professional development for all teachers who teach math K-12. We need explicit PD maith related that aligns w/our WVCCR Standards - teachers do not understand who our standards mean mathematically (last two words underlined) and use in state proven (last two words underlined) presenters (underlined)   ? ? at our high school standards they are not aligned to SAT (double underlined) testing
Monongalia County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Consider not having a superintendent for each county. Some counties are so small, it seems quite a bit of money could be saved by reducing that staff. 
Marion County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) More ephasis of social emotional supports for students within the teacher training programs   IHE programming for social workers, counselors need a practicable component for provisions within a public school setting
Upshur County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) - Support 4-H, FFA  - Support church-community involvement  - Keep test the same for ? and ? 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Need woodshop and Home Ec in Middle Schools to teach manners, cooking, measurement and ? tool safety. 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) The need for Home econoic and Shop classes to teach basic skills for life for students. 
Upshur County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Illegible 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Stop changing the state testing!   If we continue to change the test, we cannot measure student growth.   Help student teachers cover Praxis exam costs. 
Taylor County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Bring back Truancy law in order to hold students and parents accountable to coming to school. This will help stop opiod/drug crisis and help students be more successful.   More school counselors  More School Nurses  Fund PEIA! 
Monongalia County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) ? in schools to support the children effected by the Opiod addictions.   Administrative support for faculty and serivce personnel. 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Class sizes should be small enough to allow teachers to interact with all students daily and schold be appropriate for the ages and needs of the students.   Seniority should be considered in all RIF and trasnfer situations. Seasoned teachers have a wealth of knowledge and teaching strategies to share with younger colleagues.   Counselors should be available to counsel their students at least 80% of the day. Counties should have state funds available to engage social workers to go into homes to address troubled studesnts issues. i.e. drugs, gender identity, truancy, lack of parental guidance, etc.   Disciple issues must be addressed by the schools without penalty for a large suspension rate. A disruptive student prevents learning among other students. However, the suspended student must be given assigned work to complete with access to help through technology.   Police Resource Officers in every school and additional security measures will also help address many schools' issues. Have Master Teacher Mentors for three years for all beginning teachers with common planning and lunch periods.   Paid conferences for school peronnel in the appropriate areas of their field of work.   Re-vamp the Locla School Improvement Councils to address individual schools' needs. 
Marion County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) - Strengthen safe schools Act.   - Allow more options for Wevis WOW's 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Please talk to the people working with our students. Prior to making decisions about education. Do not (underlined) talk dow about education as a profession - far (underlined) fewer students are enrolling as educators. This is already a huge problem but it is going to be a nightmare 10-15 years from now. 
Marion County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) We test our students to death  The testing process is not consistent!   Teacher education candidates are tested to death and the cost is Ridiculous! (underlined multiple times)
Randolph County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) 1) Flexible schoold day. Allow classes to start later in day.   2) Change the way public schools are funded. (Not per pupil allotments.)   3) Reduce core content requirements for education majors in college.   4) Allow teacher input at all policy-making levels.   5) Allow students to opt-out if they have met graduation requirements.   6) Increase funding for the Arts.   7) Allow counties the freedom to offer courses that are not required.   8) Increase funding for "alternative" school for students with behavior/emotional need
Randolph County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Allow teachers to generate ideas regarding the best method to teach students in their schools. Reduce prescribed requirements. 
Barbour County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Change what is expected at each grade level - state standards. We are expecting too much of our kids, things that they are not developmentally ready for. We also need to change our expectations - you can't get 100% of al kids to be at grade level in reading or math, that is statistically impossible. We need to measure growth, kids with special needs may never be proficient, but they'll show growth. 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Testing really creates an atmosphere of failure. We need to celebrate the wonderful things we are doing. We need to look in the past and to furute. A hundred years ago kids were working in mines. More kids take algebra than ever before in history. We need to look at creating healthy, happy citizens who can find good paying jobs. I beive we need to promote technical programs. We need to have a set of basic skills that are required. Who really needs to know how to balance chemical equations after they graduate? It is important for a few. Can kids read, write, and do basic math? Can they function in society. We need to provide opportunities to be on a need to college path as well, but we have forgotten the fair to average student in our push to be the best at everything. 
Harrison County Schools Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Open up standards review for high school. CCR standards are not aligned to the SAT. SAT and the College Board have their own well-established standards. 
Clarksburg  (Robert C. Byrd HS - 04/01/2019) Schools need to accommodate parents with better times for starting time.   Schools should be year round lots of instruction is wasted in Aug. and Sept. to review - let down time
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) - expand teach-ed and industrial arts programs to middle and elementary schools   - do away with 2 hour delays and early dismissals.  - Increase opportunities for parent involvement - especially at middle and high school level (newsletters, mandatory parent-teacher meeting each grading period)  - separate students based on level of competency is subject area for classes - especially reading, math and science)  - utilize alternative methods of discipline to ensure that educational  outcomes are still being met - alternative school is a joke.   - develop IEP's for ALL students to ensure each student is progressing at their maximum potential.  if teachers and SSP refuse to come to work and county and state BOE's refuse to keep schools open then extra curricular activities should not be held.   
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Ideas sent via email Feb 5 - no response received; also slid these ideas under every House Finance committee member's door - no response received; I also spoke at the evening public forum about SV 451 - no response received.    Speaker Hanshaw and Finance Committee members,  My name is Adam Snider.  I am a WV citizen, taxpayer and voter.    I have included a short list of practical solutions to improve student test scores, improve parental involvement, and focus on important areas of instruction.    PLEASE READ MY IDEAS AND DRAFT A BILL THAT INCLUDES THEM AS SOLUTIONS (BOLD)  1.  Problem:  WV has many negative stereotypes and stigmas concerning our overall image as a state and the image of our schools.  a. Solution: Mark our schools and technical/vocational centers as "open for research, discovery and business innovation zones.  Invite our public universities and private corporations to employ our students in "real-world" employment and research opportunities.  2.  Problem:  WV student's test scores re lower when compared to other states.  Students are tested in grades 3-8 in ELA/Math; grades 5 and 8 are tested in science and 11th graders now  take the SAT (college entrance exam) in grade 11.  a. Solution: Create grade level, test preparation courses code into the WVDE policy.  Every student grades 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 11 would be required to complete this course.  If our WV students are to be competitive with other states, they need dedicated time to prepare for the test.  3. Problem: General apathy towards standardized testing by many students.  a: Solution: Make students accountable for their standardized testing results.  Tie minimal performance standards to: student grade-level promotion or student grade point average.  Provide students with positive and negative consequences.  Example: Students will receive a 5% grade improvement on 1 report card in courses in which they are at mastery or above.  If below mastery, students receive a 5% deduction (unless they have an IEP).  They also get the opportunity to improve their score with retakes at the end of the year.  4. Problem: Many students' parents are not involved in important student meetings such as Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, PTA/PTO meetings, Open House, and Student Assistance Team (SAT) meetings.  a.  Solution: Make parents accountable for student meeting attendance via punishments and/or incentives.  For example, if a student's parent is receiving financial assistance it he form of disability benefits, food stamps, etc. that parent must attend a set percentage of student/school-based meetings or they will not receive their full, regular benefits.  5. Problem: The WV Department of Education makes major changes to Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) at too fast of a rate for students, teachers, principals and schools to effectively work towards those standards.  a. Solution: All Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) and Content Skill  Sets (CSSs) changes are limited to changes once in a 5-year cycle after review of current standards' efficacy.  This would prevent the constant changes of educational targets for students and teachers which makes the entire educational process less effective.  6. Problem: Many WV adults express a desire for financial literacy (aka personal finance) to be included in the high school curriculum for students.  Many students do not learn important financial concepts which leaves them inadequately prepared for life after high school.  a. Solution:  Make financial literacy a required, stand-along course at the high school level and coded into WVDE policy.  7. Problem:  Students come to WV classrooms dealing with an array of mental problems due to many home and societal issues.  The effects of mental illness have a huge negative effect to our schools.     a. Solution: Provide dedicated funding to add social workers, counselors and school psychologists to the county and school level.  Our state is severely lacking in licensed school psychologists and social workers.  8. MAJOR Problem: lack of adequate number of teachers at many schools which leads to less individualized assistance and attention.  a. Solution: PROVIDE FUNDING TO HIRE MORE TEACHERS.  Research shows that lower class sizes is one of the best ways to improve student achievement.     Please draft a new bill or amend SB 451.    Thank you,   Adam Snider   304-531-5214
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) I do not believe as a person 65 or older, I should have to pay a levy or higher taxes, for someone who has 5 children or more.  I have always believed that public school should be free up to a limit.  More children than 3, you should have to pay for education, that excludes multiple births.  You know the old saying, when you lay with a dirty dog, you could get fleas.
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Revise the delay and cancellation policy.  This policy is overly abused.  Schools need to stay open.  Put the responsibility back on the parents to determine if its safe to go to school.  I understand the liability concerns around the buses.  However, not all students have access to the bus system.  Most families are dual income families or single parent single income families.  Delays and cancellations hurt young parents that may not have access to vacation time or flexible schedules to accommodate.    The kids that this policy tries to help end up on the roads anyway to go to daycare or a family members home at the same times that they would be going to school. 
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Get the school calendar bill passed.  Open the summers back up to our students.  Education happens in locations outside the classroom.  Longer summer vacations open up more possibilities for vacation.
Mason County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) We, as teachers are testing entirely too much.  I teach kindergarten presently.   I have to administer 3 Diebels test per year (given individually to each child, a CFA monthly for ELA and math, and individually test for report cards.  The ELRS required by the state must be done 2 times a year, and the parents tell me they can not even understand the computer generated reports.  The 3rd grade children have to do the writing exam on a computer, however we have limited amount of working computers for the younger grades, and no computer teachers. Help!  We need to minimize class sizes and have absolutely no overloads.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) 1.  Virtual Learning: use computers for students to learn at home - bad weather.  2.  Transfer: when we moved to state with 7th and 9th grader (?) would not transfer.  Old school did not give PE credit.  WV school required PE credit to graduate.  3.  Retirees:  Retired people are a resource that could help/teach full or part time in school - only for 2 classes.  4.  ADA: Schools need to be refurbished, rebuilt to  meet ADA.  One elevator to upper floors does not make school accessible for a student who can't use stairs.  Imagine only being able to use one stairwell in our expansive building.  
Jackson County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) A clear and realistic review of our approach to Home School needs to be a component of educational reform.  The outcomes of homeschool students should also be measured by the same assessments (participant underlined the previous two words) as public school students.  (General Summative Assessment, SAT).  Students in the truancy process or an active CPS case should not be eligible for home school services.  This is a matter in many cases, of student safety.  Annual notification and annual reporting of student progress must be restored to the process.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) I really like standards-based grading.   I think charter schools should collaborate, not compete!  Our evaluation system is adequate, but it is not effective.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) A teacher should be able to carry their seniority across county lines.  I taught in Wirt for 6 years, transferred to Wood and have to start back at zero.   I should be able to keep my seniority and carry it from county to county.
Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Less state testing (participant underlined previous three words).  Less (participant underlined previous word) school decision making in the hands of non-educator politicians.  More school nurses.  Higher pay for ed. staff across the board.
Mason County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) I am concerned about classroom sizes and the overload policies.  I feel that counties are abusing this policy.    No classroom should be in overload before mid year.  I teach kindergarten.  We need to decrease the amount of testing that is required.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) First we need to look at how we are measuring achievement and what the REAL goals are.   are we only concerned with raising our numerical standing on  standardized tests in the national arena or do we want specific positive outcomes like - more students being retained and gainfully employed in Wva?  Removing regulations that bind educators hands and also allowing counties more local control over curriculum, etc. to improve LOCAL performance.  Stronger inputs from local (participant underlined previous word twice) industry about their needs should drive curriculum in specific areas.  Students need to be able to work after graduation without the need for further education.  
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) I believe in order to do total education reform you must start with the students.  I think that curriculum and programs need changed drastically.  I attended this form because I was accepted into the broadcasting program at the tech center.   A few weeks later I was called into the counselor's office and told that the program had been cut completely.  I think to reform schools we must add more of these hands on classes to every school.  Instead of creating "Career Centers" make these programs a part of the typical school environment.   I think it would also be very beneficial to hold the same type of hearing for curriculum and program changes.   -Charles Boston 10th grade student at Parkersburg High School
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Let teachers teach! Less restrictions, less (participant underlined the previous word) testing!  Teachers need to have more say in decisions!  We are the ones in classrooms everyday, not the politicians!  Coaches, secretaries, aides, cooks, teachers, nurses, janitors, principals - We do this day in and day out.  Trust us! (participant underlined the previous two words).
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Public education is the future of our county jobs, of democracy, of technology, medicine, everything we love.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) 1.  Implement common core standards fully.  2.  Harmonize k12 education courses with other states so students can easily  transfer from one state to another if their parents work for multi-nationals.  3.  Provide strong STEM courses with accredited teachers.  The science courses should use most current theories particularly those that have won Nobel Prizes.  4.  Ipad and computers for all students.  internet connections for students, specially those in rural areas.  5.  Young people are West Virginia's most important asset and must be developed.  6.  Students must be treated with respect if they are to respect themselves.  They must be allowed to take care of their personal hygiene as needed.
Wood County Schools Parkersburg  (Blennerhasset MS - 03/25/2019) Implement a student loan pay-off program where by the teachers who commit to work in WV schools for a given amount of years (5) then student loans would be paid.  For those with larger debt or in critical need the 2nd years of commitment would be adjusted.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Best New Idea I heard all evening: From a gentleman who works for the electricians union coordinating training for apprentice electricians.  He suggested apprenticeships for teachers so prospective teachers could learn from experienced master teachers, hands-on and in the classroom. He pointed out that his apprentices are paid as they work with master electricians, that they work with master electricians, that they often earn as much as $200,000.00  during their apprenticeships, and contrasted that with beginning teachers starting their careers with a $50,000.00 debt.  Wrong incentive: I saw a young lady at the forum who was a great math teacher but is now in administration because it pays more.  Why do we give a monetary incentive for teachers to leave the classroom? We need to have our best teachers teaching. She told me she would rather be in the classroom, but she got into administration to earn a better living. Shouldn't we give great teachers an incentive to stay in the classroom? Perhaps tie that in with the teacher leaders.  Yellow Sheet - Please see the enclosed yellow sheet for more of my ideas to improve education. This is my 38th year of teaching, mostly at Stonewall. I know what I ma talking about. The main ideas are 1) all CSOs are to be written as observable, measurable behavior objectives 2) the student must master the objective to get credit for it, and the student must demonstrate that mastery - no 80% of C or D - mastery or no credit 3) all proofs of mastery are to be kept in an electronic digital port folio with will follow the student throughout her/his education. I want a WV diploma with portfolio to be the gold standard.  CSO's must be observable, measurable behavior objectives or else we cant really show that they have been achieved.   A specific test that demonstrates achieving mastery of the objective must be devised for each and every objective.   Students must demonstrate mastery. Why do we allow 60%, 80% etc? The real world doesn't work that way! If 60% of your hamburgers are good but the other 40% are burned up McDonald's isn't going to let you work there very long. If those apprentice electricians can only wire 80% of a circuit they aren't sent on to air conditioning. The master electrician keeps working keeps working with the apprentice until he can do it correctly. If students haven't mastered an objective, then we should work with them until they can. If they never master it, then lets admit that. If you can tie your shoes 80% of tie way , you cant tie  your shoes. That's the way the real world is - either you can do it , or you cant.  Grade scale - an embarrassment to our sate and our profession 59.5% d- is passing? A .5 GPA will earn a promotion? It is any wonder our scored are so low when our standards are so low? We must demand excellence from our students.  I believe they will rise to meet our expectations and with our  and with our help accomplish great things
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Education Reform in WV    Everyone agrees that the #1 factor in student success is the teacher.  We need to invest in our most important asset.  How?  1) Salary that will attract the best and brightest of the profession:  a) Finland the top, US the bottom third, b) math teachers.  2) Respect:  Today is a start, but only if we are really listened to. More autonomy to the teacher and local level.  3)  Professional development.  Support/funding for college education programs, tuition support in return for in state service, continuing education, 4) Funding for the social emotional needs and the safety of our schools, Counselors /psychologists, Police ** Social workers, can  go into homes and deal with the root of the problems (County Decision), have the connection to get help needed.   
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We need to consolidate the 55 counties in WV.  We need regional boards.  The state cannot afford this many boards of education.  
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Any true student and result orienteered reforming really need to include addressing work ethic, attendance, discipline and student accountability.  Ideas:  More vocational offerings for students in lower high school grades.  Underwood Scholarship Program Š Pay College in exchange for teaching in high need content or geographic area for a set number of years.  Magnet Schools and Innovation Zones rather than Charter Schools.  Streamline Math curriculum by having fewer content standards that are covered  in greater depth rather than trying to teach everything early in the year then just adding to  it and doing it all over again next year.  Developmentally appropriate math standards (concrete vs. abstract, Allegra concepts in elementary grades.  Quit embedding finance in Civics class and require all high school students to take consumer math or personal finance class.  End of course exam that you can retake once for high school courses in order to get credit  (test should be what a  D-level student should know) Replace semester exams and standardized test with this).  Fund alternate schools 1) for those who want to learn but donÕt function well in traditional setting 2) one for hard-core discipline problems who prevent others from learning (joint county facilities if needed) 
Wyoming County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) It is cruel to expect SE students who read at the 5th and 6th grade level to be confronted with an SAT at the end of the year and tell them they must perform and represent their school.  They have an IEP all year long to work at certain level.  They should be tested from year to year to show growth.  The SE scores should not be included with the overall scores.  This sets everyone up for failure.  Career and technical centers need to have their own tests.  Our CTC students tell us there is no need to try on the state SAT at the end of the year, because they donÕt need it for anything.  They donÕt need it for their post-secondary training.  We are told that they are going to graduate, get a job in their trade, and make more money than we will ever make, and that is the truth; therefore, they need their own test.  If they are not trying on the SAT, then our scores are not valid and do not truly show what our schools are accomplishing in education. 
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Stop changing programs every other year.  More Music, Art and gym.  More stimulation to the brain increases test scores.  Stop kicking other states Ņdead horseÓ.  If it didnÕt work elsewhere it probably is not going to work here.  I.E. Common Core Math/Charter Schools.     More hands on in the elementary school, less electronics.  (Electronics is not hands-on).  When we find something that works stick to it.  Aides in classrooms through 2nd grade.  Mind Maze in every school, every day.  State run military style alternative school for disruptive students, students stay on campus.  When on-level they can return or can choose to stay.  Put in quickly 2nd fight, 3rd DRF in Semester.    
Wyoming County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) All students in high school not be tested using a college entrance exam.  Not all high school students plan to go to college.  Career and Technical students have no reason to try  on a College Entrance exam.   Those students  should be tested on material in their own field of study.  Instead, they are given a test that they see no need for.  Therefore, many choose to just mark any answer on the test without reading the questions.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Testing students must have skin in the game, co cell phones in schools, no to ESAs, only more Mountaineer Challenge kids, self-contained Special Ed for core classes.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) It is unfair to attach Charter schools, and six or seven more items to teachers pay and funding for PEIA.  Teacher do deserve a raise and better insurance.  After 32 years of teaching I feel like a 5 percent raise is not asking too much.  Keep your promise and give each us a pay raise and fund PEIA, and don't attach other items to it.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Appreciate the legislatures taking time to be here, however, Sue Cline as not a neutral party during the course of the discussions.  It was extremely discouraging
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We need Special Ed. representation at the forum, 2) Supports, peer, aide for people with disabilities in school, 3) consistent therapies, speech, pt. to. ABA 4) goal oriented education for PWD, PWD  want to work.
Mercer County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) I watched numerous legislatures make negative gestures toward educators - laughter - eye rolling, and huffing.  I'm highly disappointed in their responses.  Please contact me ... I have yet to hear a genus response from a legislature.  304-920-7515,
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) First problem is money, 2) testing, 3) are we looking at school wrong.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Senators and Delegates that do not support public education need to apply to be substitute teachers.  
Mercer County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Less testing *Smaller classrooms *Create Summative test that are developmentally appropriate * Pay teachers a decent wage * Compensate Special Ed teachers for writing IEPs.  Teachers do not have enough time during planning to plan and write IEPs.  Fix PEIA
Pay increase for service personnel in classrooms when students increase.  They pay teachers-aides needs an increase also.   
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Thank you for the opportunity to come.  Please stop  the legislature's war on teachers. 
Monroe County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Smaller class sizes for grades K-8, maximum at 18 for K-2.  Less testing requirements on students.  System to hold students accountable for tests.  Parental involvement needs to be improved.  Alternative schools for elementary schools.  
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Keep Life Skills in the shcools; teach the basics. 
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Testing Special Ed. students on grade level during state testing when they are being taught based on an IEP made for their individual needs.
Monroe County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Class caps on grades 7-12!  Smaller class sizes!  No mandates without funding!  Do not let us lose teachers to RIFs/transfers.  We need all teachers.  
Give teachers imitative to do well-support with a valuable income so they will stay.  Let my children want to go to school because they are coming into a classroom with a motivated teacher.  Teachers are real humans that need supported as well as support staff.
Wyoming County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Make parents accountable for attendance.
Wyoming County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We need attendance addressed.  Make parents/students accountable!
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Please hire enough people to take care of our children.  Reach out to the families.  I am not sure what the answer is, but we also need to have prayer back in the school 
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Teacher salaries should all be at the level equal to private sector in order to attract teachers.  Will always have a shortage.  Put County system together if they are real small, combine with larger counties.  Bill High Schools for 2 counties together.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Thank you so very much for this well structured opportunity for a variety of input  But  I felt this session will be very biased due to the large amount of teachers present who take majority for themselves and their unions agenda. (sad face).
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) -Have standardized assessments based on the curriculum being taught.  -Stop consolidating schools-this does away with the community school feel.  -Reduce use of iPads as teaching tools.  -Reduce class size Elementary 18 to 1                                     Middle & High 25 to 1  -Invest in community outreach to build relationships between schools & families- but into public education  -WV Standards are common core standards just to clarify-compare  -Less standardized testing-elementary is now testing 3 times a year in 3-5 that is more not less!
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) -Reduction of class sizes  -teachers able to accommodate all (underlined) types of students.  -BETTER PREPARATION for teachers.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Reducing the number of school systems (55) is no longer working for our public funding through taxes. We have too much repetition of positions that require funding.  Charter schools could be an option, but it does not need to come from public school funding.  If the state is unable to fund our current system, it does not need to take on an entirely new form of education.  Seniority is something that is appropriate criteria.  Younger teachers are less expensive (underlined). Seasoned, experienced individuals can be a support to younger teachers and students age is not a bad (underlined) thing.
Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) ELLs shouldn't have their test scores/graduation count toward accountability standards UNLESS they tested proficient (underlined).  Also, anyone making education decisions should (or must) spend quality time in public school classrooms before making education decisions.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) -Kindergarten needs to be more developmentally appropriate with centers and learning through play.  Increased screen time is not meeting the developmental needs of five year olds.  -We need increased parent involvement to give parents more of a sense of belonging in our school systems.  Involve them as partners in their child's education.  -Please stop cutting librarians.  They are worth their weight in gold.  I would much rather an elementary school student spend 30 minutes with a librarian than 30 minutes on an iPad.  Kids have too much screen time in elementary school.  -Kids need a well-rounded education-arts, music, physical education, science, and library time- EVERY DAY (underlined)  -Smaller class sizes  -Many students would benefit from vocational school in middle school (underlined).
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Social Emotional Supports:  Emotional support animals available to high trauma/special need schools.    Innovation Zones-will there be prioritization based on Maslow?  also-innovation zones should be renewed before charter schools are tested.  If math teachers deserve incentive raises, special educators and other teachers directly related to state testing should be included.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) In my health class, we have gone through five teachers this year.  The students in this particular class come from hard family situations, which causes them to act out.  Each substitute that we've had has dealt with them in a different way.  These subs are under qualified and unprepared.  they don't know what active shooter drills or fire drills are.  In a real situation, we wouldn't survive.  This is unacceptable.  We need better preparations for not just teachers, but subs too.  the online training barely scratches the surface.  It scares me that a shooter could enter our school and my teacher asks me what to do.  I am a student, and in a moment of fear, I shouldn't have to determine the fate of me and 30 other people.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) I was very conflicted about attending this event.  It seems that these conversations have been ongoing and I'm not sure where they are headed.  I've taken the time to speak to my senators and legislators and don't feel that my voice was heard.  I learned some things tonight and I took advantage of yet another opportunity to speak.  Thank you!
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Special Ed. teacher/student ratio  current 30 to 1 needs lowered.  These students need more special attention.  IQ# to qualify for excepionalities like MI needs to be readdressed #55 back to 65 or 70  these very low students are getting lost.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Students in WV need more opportunities in every aspect of their life to become competitive in our country.  WV is behind in it's educational journey.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) After school care @ all school- provided free of cost, snacks &/or dinner provided, support for homework, activities (ex. basketball, archery, soccer, chess club, crafts, running club), provides safe & supportive environment for children, reduces need for costly child care for working parents.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) 1) We need to proved the same opportunities for all (underlined) WV students.  2) Vocational Education should begin at Middle School.  3) Our priorities need to change to focus on WV students and not personal gain.  4) The WVDE Staff did a fabulous job facilitating this evening!! 
Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Votech in Middle School.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) It shouldn't take so long to build a school destroyed by a natural disaster.  Student's should be able to attend a real school not portables.  The state should be able to do something to help speed the process along.  We have students that will spend all 4 years of high school in portables and "borrowing" middle school gym and auditorium for school events and the cafeteria for lunch.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) I think that further study needs to happen to look at how WV could become competitive with its compensation package that makes it similar with surrounding states and counties.  Increase public awareness of "What We Do!" We need increase by in order to increase local funding.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Help new and struggling teachers  Distracted teachers won't/can't provide their full attention to their students  Housing/Apartment areas specifically for struggling teachers.  Basic utilities with reasonable rent.  Although money from rent not be much it can go back into expending the complex, or keep it nice and keep it running.  Much work would go into it, but it would also help foreign exchange students or exchange teacher if there is no host families.  Fund perhaps expensive but its a place to start and can attract teachers. (lacking provisions for proper place)?  Helpful in attracting new teachers.
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) After school tutoring and summer school for all students who are below level, starting at 1st grade.  Less regs on teachers and admin. so they can teach.  Lower the caps on classroom size because of inclusion and other added responsibilities.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Meal cook Ratio 110 square foot per custodians.  Aides compensated for over populated classes. Bus Drivers I -II and III.. 
Mercer County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We need to offer a practical math alternative to Algebra II.  Very few kids will ever use this and it drives many to fail and drop out of school
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) State Testing every other year 3,5,7,9,11 or every 4 years 3,7 and 11
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Need to address service personnel and cooks and healthier menus for students, classroom aides need increase D/T mental health/behavioral issues that will continue to increase D/T opioid/substance abuse
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Parents and teachers should be held accountable for test scores.  
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) I disagree with the Leadership Team.  The Legislature made a way for all teachers to have a voice in the Faculty Senate.  Teachers should not be required to "volunteer" their time for a voice in school decision.
Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Jefferson, Adams, Franklin and others all warned against the charges of bad government.  We in West Virginia have had our history filled with bad government.  But never in history that I have studied are we within an era such as today.  The common individual in WV has no voice.  The Democrats filled with their Liberalism, including abortion lawlessness, and a host of other issues are compared to a bunch of (illegible word) Republicans who feel the common man exists for their benefit.  I have no party.  I have no voice.  There is no government of the people.  Now these folks on both sides of the aisle, want to tell us what is good or education.  They have never darkened the door of a classroom, but are the experts.  They have never been in the hills or hollows, but know what is best.  The only thing I have to say the Republicans did not get us here, but neither do they want to help.  The Democrats didnÕt want to hurt us but neither did they want to help. To quote from the movie ŅMatewanÓ ŅI thinks itÕs time we help ourselves.Ó    
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Remove financial barriers for teachers applying for jobs (official transcripts, immunization records)  Common digital application for new teachers  Require all counties to use the WVDE website to post vacancies  Remove financial barriers for teachers with salary reimbursement forms, etc.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Increase recess-research shows the impact on student focus and achievement, also helps with behavioral problems. it may need to be mandated so that it is incorporated into each day for students.  Give schools the flexibility to implement-maybe 2  15 minute recesses, but make sure it happens.  Playground time improves social interaction too.
Raleigh County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We need more cooks in the kitchen.  When there is proper help, the students thrive from that.  When there is a lack of staff, the students suffer in the long run because it is hard to get things accomplished.    
Fayette County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) Tax extractive industries so there are revenues to fund education.  Implement a value added tax reduction.  If you add value to a raw material you pay less tax than you pay on a raw material.  Tree = X percent, lumber =X4%, furniture = -X4-2%.  Need student accountability for scores, take SES into account when rating schools.  More planning time, additional local control of public schools, LSICÕs that actually function.  IÕm not for charter and ESAs.  Real alternate schools. 
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Consolidate counties-cross county schools-to meet-Economy of GW area/parts of Lincoln County.  Consolidate county Boards of Education-this would mean less administrative expenses and more efficiency.  
Jackson County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Establish Vo-Tech opportunities beginning at middle school age.  Committees haven't been meeting to fix funding issues with PEIA.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Separate AP classes from honors classes.  Put AP classes on a 6 pt. scale and honors on a 5 pt. scale because AP classes are much more difficult not (word underlined) be weighed the same.  AP and college level classes are not the same as "honors" classes and should not be treated the same.  Students that do not push themselves beyond the honors level should not have all of the same benefits as students that pus themselves to the college level classes.  (This is more of an issue for my school/county, but if it could be implemented statewide that would be great.)
Mercer County Schools Beckley  (Woodrow Wilson HS - 03/21/2019) We hear a lot about test scores and hold teachers and schools accountable for them.  What has happened that we cannot allow students to be response of for their scores?   I have seen countless students that are burned out because of testing and just bubble in and then take a nap.  It donÕt bother them and they know it.  We will only have students care when they are immediately effected.  Please provide funding for programs such as In-School suspension so that studentsÕ may get help in school.  This is more effective than sending then home to hand out.    
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Students want increased funding for computers, updated materials, texts, libraries, wifi, etc. Their resources are out of date.  
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Instead of having charter schools-exempt some rules and regulations placed on traditional schools.  Give the power to the students teachers and local community to create the school and learning environment that best suits their unique needs and strengths.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Special Education caseloads were raised several years ago from 16 to 1 to 30 to1.  This move has really affected my students because we cannot provide the services that students with disabilities need.  By nearly doubling the students I service, we cannot give my student individualized attention.  Caseloads need to be reduced back to 16 to 1.
Kanawha County Schools Charleston  (Capital HS - 03/20/2019) Legitimate plan for reviewing curriculum and making changes to attain real (word underlined) results.  Setting realistic standards to can be reached through a natural academic career progression.  1) starting with an incoming class  Ex: Freshmen class (graduation year 2023)  2) altering cirriculum that's pused. After pace at which it is taught.  3) Observe and analyze test results from class of 2023.  
Mercer County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Homeschool. Students/families need accountability.  There is too much room for abuse, neglect, trafficking.  Right now a 5 year old could begin home schooling and the district would not see proof of this student existing until 3rd grade 4 years without foundational skills.  Teachers need effective preparation, support and compensation.  Less focus on test score, rather focus on social-emotional health.  Accountability for students on testing similar to Virginia SOL testing.  
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Education Reform Ideas    „ State Aid Formula  o Not Enough Money  o When the property value goes down the cost of educating students stays the same.  o Cutting Janitor's hours and positions so they do not have time to clean the buildings like they need/want to.  „ Step 1 & 2-Employee Salary  „ Step 6a-Mantenance  o Heating and Cooling Systems  o Basic Repairs that Should Occur with Regular Use  o Maintenance regularly so repairs aren't needed as much.  „ Recruit and Retain Staff  o PEIA  o Competitive Pay  o Less Riffs  o Smaller Class Sizes & Etc.  „ Student Health  o Physical & Mental  „ PEIA  o Lower Costs  o Co-Pays, Premiums, Etc.  „ Smaller Class Sizes  „ Afterschool Programs  o More than just sports  o Food  o Transportation  o Academics  o Enrichment  o Trips  „ Law Enforcement at all Schools  „ More Training and PD  „ Better Connections with Colleges and Universities  o Dual Credit  o Dual Enrollment  o Enrichment  „ No More "Flavor of the Week" Teaching/Buzz Words  „ Protect Seniority  „ Administration Must Have Teaching Experience  „ Push for other options besides just traditional college.  „ Fine Arts & Electives  o Life Skills  o Shop Class  o Home Ec.  o Cooking  o Sewing  o Personal Finance  o Basic Computer Skills  o Music  o Art  o Graphic Design  o Photography  o Film  o Acting  o So Many More    Education Betterment Mount View High School March 19, 2019    1. Excellence cannot be achieved without adequate professional staff, service personnel, and volunteers.  a) Regardless of enrolment numbers, the minimum justifiable staff numbers will not meet the needs of the students. The square footage of the building does not reduce, the time it takes to prep fresh food does not decrease, the time it takes to prepare a lesson does not change, and the length of some bus runs do not change. The quantity of the work remains the same but the quality of those services becomes expendable in order to meet the justifiable ratio numbers thus making the budget balanced.  This does not promote excellence. Cleaning routines can change from daily care into weekly care to ensure all areas get some attention, the fresh food and home cooked feel of the meals becomes heat and eat meals and vegetables in baggies instead of a full salad bar because of being at the minimum justifiable service numbers.  School is supposed to be the safest place in the life of every student.  A clean environment and a home cooked meal create the basis for education! Increasing the number of service personnel would positively impact the overall mental wellbeing of the students before they even get to the classroom!  b) Minimizing professional staff to justifiable ratio numbers does not promote excellence!  Staff reduction means core classes are packed, enrichment classes are expendable. Elective classes provide a much needed "brain break" for students and foster a positive and appropriate outlet for creative energies that might otherwise manifest in inappropriate behaviors.  Elective classes offer the students a chance to explore areas of interest and with smaller class sizes all around, mentoring has a greater chance to occur naturally.  c) Promote volunteerism in the arts. Create a sponsorship or grants for artists who want to share their skills with students. (Piano, guitar, drama, voice, pottery, art) A wise person once said," It takes a village to raise a child." Adhering to the practice of funding staff based on enrolment numbers depletes the members of the village needed to raise any child given to our care. The children deserve the equivalent of a Global City to prepare them for an international existence not a skeleton crew of overburdened and weary villagers.     Thank You,     Kristie Shrewsbury   Parent, Aide, and Villager  304-308-4224 Š cell, 304-862-2000 home        
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Student Accountability there must be consequences for students and parents for lack of attendance, lack of effort, and lack of performance.  There should be standards for promotions/retentions from Pre-K through grade 12.  Smaller class sizes, Grades 7-12 deserve the attention of an average of 20 students per class.  Provide paths for success, every student will not attend college.  Students would benefit from on-the-job trainings for beneficial skills that can be used in local business for future employment.  Greater choices in electives and hands-on courses may increase student success.  Fully funded public schools, taking much needed money from already struggling public schools in the form of ESAs or Charter Schools will not solve any problems or provide educational reform.  Students are tested more than needed.     
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) WVDE Policy 4373 needs to be changed/revamped.  Students need to be held accountable for their test scores.  I t will give them responsibility and sense of growth.  Smaller class size. 
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Lawmakers should be more supportive of public schools and education in general.  When will teaches and service personnel get the respect they are due.  Rights are being eroded and teaches are leaving the classrooms.  Seniority should pay an important role during t RIFTS and transfers.
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) As educators we need to trust to have the freedom to teach our students.  Our students need to be held accountable for their attendance and testing.  If teachers were not portrayed as villains then we could attract more teachers.  We have government officials trying to make educational decisions with no experience in a classroom.   It would be like me telling a doctor how to practice and never had studied medicine.  You cannot understand how hard we work in public education and it is not appreciated.  This is a very sad time.
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) I feel republican lawmakers feel that each year, they need to launch  a personal  attack against teachers.  They want to break-up the public school system and our kids will suffer!  Piece by piece they are trying to destroy the system and everything teachers and school staff work for.  They don't want to fund our insurance.  They want to rob us of our seniority.  They want to take away our right to be in a labor union.  A principal does not like our looks?  They can get rid of us!
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) There needs to be more family involvement, Parent/Teacher Conferences, utilize parent volunteers.  Appropriate staff is essential for special needs students.  Reading and Math need to be priorities.  Accelerated Reader Programs should be considered.  FYI - As a parent I, once again, feel unwelcome and unwanted here.  I have attended all school meetings since my feelings are "Don't complain about it if you are not willing to try to fix it."  Thank you
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) As a student at Mountview, I think that we need cleaner schools.  I think that some of the other students here would act better if we had a nicer school, and if we had more free time, we  probably would do better.   We need better structure.
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) McDowell County has a severe need for qualitied technical staff.  With the increasing technology requirements of the students and staff.  We need a continuing funding source hat will provide for that Human Capitol.
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) We need increased funding or technology and tech related initiatives.  Increased Professional Development for technology in the classroom for teachers and administrators.  It seems we have started to move technology to the back burner once again.  
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Counties need more funding and no cut to funding (ESA, Charter Schools)
McDowell County Schools Welch  (Mount View HS - 03/19/2019) Instructional Quality:  Like - Provide financial support to become certified in areas of high-need.  county salary supplements to attract certified teachers into hard-to-fill positions.  Dislike:  Allowing RIF/Transfer on seniority.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Class size limits should be lowered and strictly held to.  We are testing entirely too much.  In kindergarten we are presently doing report cards 4 times a year, ELRS twice in a year, CFA's tested for ELA and Math every month and Diebels 3 times a year with progress monitoring monthly.  The state's ELRS report, the parents will tell you it makes no sense to us. HELP!!!  We need to look at realistically funding schools as all the counties need to hire more people to be successful.  I am presently working at a kindergarten in Mason Co.  The school has 530+ students with the highest homeless population , we have only 3 sp. ed. teachers and no title services.  We need help with the struggling students and interventionists.  
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) We in WV have a rich history of supporting the arts in many counties.  I hope I do not have to remind others of the importance of the arts in developing well-educated citizens of the future.   These classes provide the students with the higher learnings/problem solving skills and creativity needed in today's world.  Studies have proven test scores raise where the arts are strong in the educational program.
Wayne County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) How far is Homeplate to 2nd base?  HS?  NCAA?  Majors?  The answer is 127ft for all.  It's been 127ft since 1850's.  How can you change the criteria every other year and meet a target? Leave it alone for a while.  
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Teacher to student ratio needs to be 15 to 1.  We had aides in K, 1st, 2nd.  More classrooms to accommodate.    I want there to be a "pilot" not Charter or ESA.  ESA = I do not know what they are teaching.
Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Schools need to develop resource centers for parents.  Maybe a team of teachers who can offer advice and support for "helping my child with homework", techniques for motivating the reluctant reader, opportunities for skills and interests enhancement.   Sharing extra curricular opportunities.   A way to show parents that they are an integral player in educating their child.   Reaching out to the parent/grandparent of that troubled child.  The personal connection.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Loosen educational mandates.  Give local school boards and individual schools more control of their finances.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Small classrooms/schools.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) 1.  Small class sizes.  2.  Extend recess to 60 min for all students.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Audit central offices to make sure everybody is being utilized effectively.  The central offices are top heavy.  Small classes.  RIF's and transfers do need to be based of seniority and evaluations.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) This form is basically a good idea.  But...the questions are written to lead our answers in a direction that is going to the wrong way.  We needed to be able to direct the answers in many other directions to suit the educational needs.  Different areas have different needs.  More freedom to adjust how and what is taught.   This turned out to be a bit of a joke, but I do hope some good comes from this.  I believe we can do better if we get the freedom to do what needs done. Thanks!
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Decrease student to teacher ratios.  We are not babysitters!    we need to be able to work with every student individually.   Teachers are professionals, so we should be treated as such.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Reconsider the 55 county aid formula, especially with payscales  for principals and superintendents.  Ohio has districts that students can go to/open enrollment over districts.  Districts set funding and curriculum.  Consider payscale for superintendents, board of ed. workers and principals.
Putnam County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Grandparent services for grandparents who are raising grandchildren.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) School control and local control.  Remove legislative mandates and let schools devise curricula and budget needs.
Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) First we need to look at how we are funding schools.  The funding hasn't changed since Recht decision.  Teachers and support staff need 5% raises.  Teachers need to teach.  They need supports and services same as students.  ESAs are slap in the face to parents.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) As the Director of the Center for Consumer Law and Education at Marshall University, I was here to talk a bit about financial literacy in the schools, at all levels of K-12.  We have a few (illegible) and programs that promote financial literacy and would like to serve as a support center for the schools to help them develop further this concept in the classroom.
Ohio County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Research has shown over and over that school starts too early for middle and especially high school students.  It (illegible) their, leading to (illegible) rating of anxiety, depression and a host of physical ailments. 
Putnam County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) So many students have terrible home lives.  they have little support, little stability, little love and encouragement from their parents or guardians.  these students are in a deep hole which puts a lot o pressure on the teachers.  Much of this problem is drug related, but regardless of the reason, the home lives are a detriment to the students ability to learn.  This is a societal problem, not a "school" problem.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Cabell County has 17.5% students with IEP's yet we do not prioritize teacher preparation in the area of special education.  We need to incentivize the pay of teachers that do more work.  We also need to have qualified subs especially in Special Ed classes.  Less 240k administrators more $45K teachers in the classrooms.
Ohio County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) We need funding for supports every day in our school - nurses, counselors and access to psychologist when needed, people trained in positive behavioral supports.  This takes the burden of teaching staff to teach and our students have the emotional support needed to focus on school academics. 
Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Lower classroom ration teacher/student.  Aides for K-3rd grades  Expanded food services - Dinner offered all schools - Summer Feeding - Bill.  Behavioral Specialists.  Expanded services for families - to apply for SNAP and Medicaid.  Kinship Care.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Take a look at the Title I funding formula.  what they're doing now basing on DHHR isn't accurate.  I service Marcum Terrace and Rotary Gardens and they say my percentage is only 56%.  That can't be right.  I'd rather go back to doing the free and reduced lunch formula.  Cabell does a good job giving schools control of Title I funds.  not all counties are like us though.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) I think the whole system needs to be re-examined in a total, comprehensive manner.  Clearly, outcomes show the current system is not working well enough.  no reform should be off the table for discussion and change.  In particular, I am very, very concerned about the near complete elimination of physical education, particularly in the face of the increasing childhood obesity rate.  There is no excuse for only one year of physical education being required of high schoolers.  At least 3 years in high school should be mandatory.
Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Please remove Earth Science as the 9th grade science requirement.  this class should be optional, not required.  We are getting students in Chemistry and Physics with no Physical Science background - putting all students of WV at a disadvantage.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) Developing a singular financial literacy course with a curriculum that details defined and specific  outcomes would be extremely beneficial for students' transitions into the real world/work environment.   As a student, I did not develop the knowledge base I should have concerning loans/credit scores/budgeting.   This is essential to every citizens well-being and should be covered in the classroom.  
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) How can we use some regional services to save money - ie. bus garage maintenance.
Cabell County Schools Ona  (Cabell Midland HS - 03/18/2019) 1. Smaller class sizes.  2. Extend recess to 60 minutes in all age levels.