Student Enrollment:

In-Person: 9,036
Virtual: 1,726
Total: 10,762

In-person model:

Grades K-8: 5-days
Grades 9-12: 5-days

Number of personnel: 

Professional Staff: 1016*
Service Staff: 549*

*Note: These numbers are based upon the list of personnel that were certified by county leaders on October 01, 2020.

Pandemic Funding

ESSERF1 Allocation*: $3,409,195.00

Education Stabilization Funds for Career Centers: $174,170.00

WVDE Competitive Grant Allocation: $450,000.00

ECEF Allocation: $157,750.00

ESSERF2 Allocation*: $13,251,338.75

Total Awarded: $17,442,453.75

*Note: ESSERF1 and ESSERF2 refers to CARES funding for education.

Child Nutrition Federal Disbursements: $4,140,753.17

Extending Learning

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