Back (L-R): Tarabeth Heineman, Dawn Miller, JoDee Decker, Lori Dubrawka, Mickey Blackwell, Angela Curfman, Connie Stout-O’Dell, David Gladkosky, Cheryl Ann Jeffers, Fred Albert, Maggie Holley, Kayla Benson, Elisha Lewis, Donna Atwood, Stephanie Hyre, Randall Reid-Smith, Vickie Shannon, Regina Woodcock, Chris Rockenstein, Donna Peduto, Susan Collins, Deputy State Superintendent Sara Stankus and Jim Brown. Front (L-R): Amelia Courts, Michelle Wolfe, Debra Sullivan, Alys Smith, State Superintendent David L. Roach, Senator Amy Grady, Morgan Miller and Amber Nichols

Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) recently hosted the inaugural meeting of the state Leaders of Literacy Advisory Council in Charleston. The purpose of the council is to engage a network of stakeholders in the WVDE’s Ready, Read, Write, West Virginia literacy initiative. More than 30 individuals representing government, businesses, non-profits, education, families and communities participated.

Ready, Read, Write is West Virginia’s effort to increase literacy proficiency among students in grades K – 12. It is rooted in research and the belief that all students can learn to read with effective reading instruction. Based on the science of reading, Ready, Read, Write equips students with tools and strategies that allow them to grow as strong readers using the five pillars that include phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension as well as writing.

Raising literacy proficiency requires the interest, energy and support of those within the education community and beyond. From policymakers and business leaders to community representatives and families, the WVDE has worked to bring a diverse group of individuals together to understand the importance of the literacy initiative and to engage in supporting efforts to increase proficiency among students.

“We appreciate the commitment of our Leaders of Literacy Advisory Council in joining us on this important journey,” said State Superintendent of School David L. Roach. “Our commitment to enhancing student literacy is critical to student success and is among the most urgent work we have as a Department of Education and as a state.”

The council will work within subgroups to support a variety of activities in their local communities and statewide. Their involvement is key to increasing awareness and interest in the Ready, Read, Write, West Virginia efforts. To learn more, visit Ready, Read, Write.

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