Instructional resources include the print materials, electronic resources and systems, or combinations of print and electronic resources that educators use to plan for and deliver instruction. Beginning July 1, 2019, local county boards of education must maintain a local instructional resource policy addressing the review and adoption of instructional resources for classroom use. The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) no longer compiles an official multiple list of approved vendors from which counties must select instructional resources. However, the WVDE does continue to support local county review and adoptions through a vendor registration process and complimentary state review of vendor resources.

Vendors and County Instructional Resource Contacts

Timeline and Resources for Registration, Evaluation Criteria, and Reporting

Recent Lists of Registered Instructional Resource Vendors

Previous Official Multiple Listings

The official multiple listings below represent adoption cycles preceding July 1, 2019 that are still within their 6 year adoption cycle. After the 6 year adoption cycle closes for each content area, the remaining official multiple listings will be archived.