Background Check

Under W. Va. Code section 18A-3-10, applicants for initial licensure in the state of West Virginia are required to undergo a background check completed by both the West Virginia State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is necessary for ALL first time applicants to complete a fingerprint/background check through the WV process as part of the initial application process.

  • When seeking employment within the West Virginia public school system, individuals must work closely with their potential employer(s) to receive detailed instructions on how one may meet this requirement (process may or may not be as described below).

First Time Applicants

A first time applicant is an individual who has never applied for licensure and/or certification or was never issued a certificate, license, authorization or permit from the West Virginia Department of Education. If you are a first time applicant, you must complete a fingerprinting/background check process in the state of WV to be eligible for any license, certificate, authorization, or permit. Individuals who apply for a clinical experience permit must complete an additional background check after completion of the experience, upon applying for additional licensure to work in West Virginia public schools. Background checks performed for other agencies, states, or conducted outside of the required WV process will NOT be accepted. A Form 7 (notarized) must also be included with your application submitted to the WV Department of Education.

You will need to first submit an application for licensure in order to receive the required service code to complete the background check appointment.

West Virginia Residents

If you are located in WV, you may schedule an appointment for a background check with IdentoGo (formerly L1 Solutions) online at or you may schedule via telephone at (855) 766-7746. Use the following step-by-step directions to schedule an appointment online:

  • Visit
  • Click on the icon “Get Fingerprinted”
  • Choose West Virginia under “Search for Service by State” and then click the “Go” button
  • Under “Enrollment Services” select “Digital Fingerprinting”
  • Enter the service code you received via email
  • Select “Appointment” to start the appointment process
  • Complete the details section information, set an appointment date and time, review and confirm your request and submit to establish your appointment
  • You will pay IdentoGo directly when you arrive at their location

Non West Virginia Residents

If you are located outside of WV or will not be able to appear in person at one of the LiveScan fingerprint locations, you may request fingerprint cards from our office. Two cards will be mailed to you. You must complete all necessary information and have your prints inked on the cards and send to IdentoGo at the address on the form along with a completed Hard Card form and payment. This form may be downloaded at WV Card Scan Website. Please note that for both options listed above payment must be made directly to IdentoGo. The cost for fingerprinting for licensure purposes is $47.25. If you are asked to pay a different amount, you are selecting the wrong process. Do not include the fingerprint fee with your application to the WVDE. As a reminder, background checks are non-refundable. If you select the incorrect process, you will be required to be printed again and repay the necessary fees. If you are not applying for first-time licensure DO NOT select any of the above options. If we receive background results and those results were not for licensure application purposes the WVDE will not be able to share those or provide those to you or the school county of employment.

Fingerprint Rejections

There may be reason(s) for the fingerprints as part of a background check to be rejected by the WV state police or FBI. All fingerprints are first evaluated by the WV state police and then sent to the FBI for evaluation once initially approved by the WV state police. When fingerprints are rejected a first time, it may be necessary for an applicant to resubmit fingerprints. If rejected IdentoGo will contact the applicant to schedule a re-print at no cost. If prints were done by submitting hard-cards by mail, you will need to request additional cards and resubmit them at no cost. You will receive notification and detailed instructions from the Office of Certification if action is required on your part about how to proceed and meet complete background check requirements. If the fingerprints continue to be rejected additional times by either the WV state police or FBI, the organization may request completion of the requirement by using an alternative search at no additional cost. The Office of Certification will continue to notify applicants of any required actions until the background check process has concluded.

Service Personnel

Service personnel (except first-time ECCAT applicants), professional personnel transferring between counties, and all others required by a WV county board to complete a fingerprint/background check, should not select the options listed above. You must check with your county of employment to designate the county as the recipient of the results.

Certifications Prior to 2002

Individuals who were licensed by the Office of Certification before 2002 and have never undergone a background check completed for the WVDE which included both the West Virginia State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation, upon next application, the individual will be required to complete a fingerprint/background check through the WV process.

Under W. Va. Code Section 18A-3-10(f),k the West Virginia Department of Education may require any licensee to be fingerprinted again by the West Virginia State Police in accordance with state board policy; Provided, that the licensee lived outside of the state of West Virginia for one year or more since his or licensure, or the West Virginia Department of Education or the school administrator has a reasonable belief that the licensee has not notified the school administrator of any felony conviction, conviction of any offense under chapter sixty-one, article eight-b of this code that have been established under any other state or the United States. The fingerprints may be analyzed by the West Virginia State Police for a state criminal history record check through the central abuse registry and then forwarded to the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal history record check.

Challenging The Accuracy of Your Criminal History Record

As per Title 28.CFR, 16.34, you have the right to challenge the completeness or accuracy of your criminal history record by contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) directly. To challenge your WV State Police Criminal History Record, please visit and complete a WVSP 136A form.

Current West Virginia School System Employees

If you are currently employed in the WV school system, you will need to acquire the appropriate signature(s) from your employer on the application form. If you are employed in a setting other than a WV public school, you will need to complete a Form 4B to obtain a character recommendation.