I began teaching in 2000 and have since served as a science teacher at Bluefield Middle School, assistant principal at Princeton Middle School, principal of Oakvale School and currently serve as the principal of Princeton Primary School.

I became an educator because I always loved school and learning. My favorite subject was always science. I am certified to teach general science (5-12) and biology (9-12). I am also a first-generation college graduate. I knew that a college degree was my best opportunity to do something that I love and be able to stay in West Virginia.

I enjoy teaching and supporting others. I truly enjoyed being a science teacher and working directly with children at that time. Now that I have been an administrator for approximately 17 years, I enjoy supporting our students’ learning through providing professional development and support for my teaching staff.

I truly believe that education is the pathway out of generational poverty that so many of our students endure. I also believe that our schools provide them with this opportunity not only through quality academic programs but also social emotional support.

The special story I want to share is a combination of experiences over the last 20+ years. I am ever grateful to many mentors that molded me into the principal and educational leader that I am today. Each day I better understand the value of the experiences and wisdom these men and women shared with me. I can only hope that I, too, can make a positive difference by sharing my knowledge and experiences with aspiring educational leaders as well.

My favorite hobby is floating and fishing the New and Greenbrier Rivers in Southern West Virginia with my friends and family. There is nothing more relaxing than a day on the water!

Being selected as a Milken Educator was the greatest honor of my career. I have never felt more humbled and appreciated. I also value the positive message about public education that is sent out to our local, state and national community each time a Milken Educator is named. Milken shares all that is great about educators!