About Us

The future quality of life for the citizens of West Virginia is directly linked to the performance of our students. Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. We must provide a comprehensive, high-quality learning system that empowers students to reach their full potential, promotes their development as productive and responsible citizens, and prepares them to meet workforce and economic demands.

West Virginia’s approach to college- and career- readiness ensures that students exit high school with a complete understanding of the career opportunities available to them, the education necessary to be successful in their chosen pathway, and a plan to attain their goals. The West Virginia College- and Career-Readiness Standards establish a set of knowledge and skills that all students need to be prepared for a wide-range of high-quality post-secondary opportunities including higher education and the workplace, as both realms share many expectations.


The West Virginia Board of Education and State Superintendent of Schools work in concert to establish policies and procedures to assure implementation of West Virginia’s Public Education goals and to ensure the general supervision, oversight and monitoring of a thorough, efficient and effective system of free public schools.


Provide a high-quality learning system that:

  • Encourages a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and skills
  • Promotes a culture of responsibility, personal well-being, and community engagement
  • Responds to workforce and economic demands

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  • West Virginia Board of Education 

  • Building 6, Suite 600

  • 1900 Kanawha Boulevard East,
    Charleston, West Virginia 25305-0330
  • Phone: 304-558-3660